 TV + news: Invasion available, Snoopy in space again and Mythic Quest with Anthony Hopkins

 TV + offers original comedies, dramas, thrillers, documentaries and children's programs. However, unlike most other streaming services, the service no longer contains any catalog other than its own creation. Other titles are available for purchase or rent here. In this article, we will look together at the news in the service on October 23, 2021, when Apple presented the premiere of Invasion on its platform, it will also bother Snoopy and two other series of Mythic Quest.

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 TV + news: Trailer for the last row of Dickinson and the one for the first row of Cvovar next door

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The invasion is already available

As of yesterday, ie Friday, October 22, a new series Invasion is available on the platform, where you can see its first three episodes with the subtitles Last Day, Collision and Orion. The fourth part of The King is Dead premieres on October 29. An alien species is visiting the earth, threatening the existence of humanity itself. If you are not sure whether the theme will appeal to you properly, you can take a look at the first series, which is accompanied by commentary by the producer, screenwriter, and also the main actors, before watching the pilot.

Snoopy in space

The platform unveiled the first trailer for the second series of the Snoopy in Space series, which premieres on November 12. The first row was very successful, as it was awarded in the Parents ‘Choice and was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award. He then won a special episode of Peanuts in Space: Secrets of Apollo 10. The theme of the second series will be about the search for life. The various scientific processes and technologies behind space exploration will be emphasized. With the premiere day, all 12 episodes will be released.


The newly prepared eight-part series will tell intimate stories about how the coming changes on our planet will affect love, faith, work and family on a personal and human scale. The stories involved will permeate the season and follow the worldwide battle for our mutual survival during the 21st century. It will be a documentary series with a stellar cast, so you can look forward to Meryl Streep, Kit Harrington, David Schwimmer and others. The premiere date has not been set yet.

Mythic Quest gets the 4th series

Rob McElhenney, the representative of one of the series' roles, in collaboration with Anthony Hopkins, who appeared in one part of the second series, announced in a very funny way that Mythic Quest will run for at least two more seasons. So far, the first two are being broadcast and the third is due to arrive next year. The series tells the story of the team that created the largest multiplayer video game of all time and shows the fights that do not happen in the game, but in the office.

BREAKING: Big announcement from Sir Anthony Hopkins and Jason Sudeikis (and Ron something) #MythicQuest is returning for Seasons 3 & 4 pic.twitter.com/OugCaIWwjv

– Apple TV (@AppleTV) October 21, 2021

O  TV +

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