10 tips and tricks for new iPhone owners

If you found your first iPhone under the tree this year or decided to buy it, welcome to the new world. The functionality of the iOS operating system is often very different, but in short, its operation is very simple and intuitive. However, there are also some settings that are not harmful to know or activate. Let's take a look at the 10 tips and tricks that will take your iPhone to a whole new level.

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101 best tips and tricks every iPhone owner needs to know


  David Grebeň May 1, 2016 32

Optimized battery charging

With the release of iOS 13, we have a brand new feature called Optimized Battery Charging. This way, the phone will learn when you normally charge your phone, which will not charge the device more than 80 percent until you really need it. This greatly reduces the aging of the battery and ensures a much longer battery life. To activate the function, go to Settings, go to the Battery category, select the Battery condition section, and scroll down to activate the function.


Optimized battery charging 2

Optimized battery charging 3

Optimized battery charging 1
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Remodel the control center to your own image

The control center can help us many times and save time. But did you know that you can remodel elements into your own image? You can do this again via Settings, where you open the Control Center tab, click Edit Controls, and then you can add or reorder them to your liking.



Control center

Edit controls
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Quality security code

Although you most often unlock your iPhone through biometric authentication in the form of Face ID or Touch ID, you should always choose a secure code. This is crucial for the security of your apple phone and in some cases it can often be easily guessed. To change it, in Settings, move to the Touch ID / Face ID and Code Lock categories, select Change Mark Code, select Code Options, and select Custom Alphanumeric Code as the last step.


IOS settings

Change iOS lock code

IOS code options

Owns alphanumeric iOS code
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Using Power Saver

The iOS operating system offers a so-called Power Saver mode to help conserve your battery. If your phone's battery drops below twenty percent, iPhone will recommend you to activate it. However, many users think this is a placebo effect. However, this is one big mistake, and the Power Saver mode mentioned can provide you with a lot of extra time. To activate it, just go to the Control Center and click the low battery icon.

Don't let others disturb your sleep

Apple products have a great feature, which of course all iPhones offer. This is the so-called Do Not Disturb mode, which will prevent your phone from ringing or vibrating when you receive an incoming call, as well as from notifications of notifications. In addition, you can set up a so-called layout for this mode, so that the Do Not Disturb function is activated at a certain time. You can set this schedule through Settings, choose Do Not Disturb, activate the Schedule slider, and choose a time range.



iOS Nerusit

iOS Time of rest
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Site Search

I am often surprised at how many people don't know about this perfect feature in Safari. If you are looking for a term or part of a sentence on a page, it is sufficient to write this text in the top address bar. You'll then see the Search option at the bottom of the screen, which you can click.

Selfie using the side button

If you own one of the newer iPhones, which already have a relatively larger display, you definitely agree that taking a picture of a classic selfish can take quite a bit. For example, if you want to take a picture with a background or a group of people, you may not be able to reach the snapshot button just as easily. In this case, you can hold the phone firmly in your hand and simply press one of the side volume keys.

How to get up in the app or page as quickly as possible

Do you know the feeling of having read a lot of text, for example in the Notes app or on a website, and you need to go back to the top? This feature will also help you in the iOS operating system, and you don't have to set it up. As soon as you arrive at the end of one of the mentioned documents, all you need to do is click on the clock in the upper left corner and you will immediately get to the top.

Create your own ringtone

Have you ever thought of creating your own ringtone? The Apple GarageBand app can help you with that, in which you create a 30 second song and you're almost done. All you have to do is tap Share options, choose Ringtones, and set a song name. In the last step, just select the option Use sound as and confirm this as Default ringtone.


GarageBand Sdilet track

GarageBand Export Ringtone

GarageBand successful export

GarageBand kind of ringing
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Did you delete the entire sentence by mistake? Shake your phone

When deleting longer text, iPhone users can easily delete what they wish to keep by mistake. First, it deletes character by character, and then deletes words and then whole sentences. If you delete something by mistake, it is enough to shake your phone and the deleted text is returned.

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