11.11 Banggood sale 2019 tips-coupons/deals included

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Banggood is also a famous Chinese e-shop. As we know, 11.11 sale(single day sale) is the most popular shopping festival in China. So how to shop at Banggood on 11.11 to save the most money? Please check out our 11.11 Banggood sale 2019 tips.

1. When will 11.11 Banggood sale 2019 start?

11.11 Gearbest sale 2019 starts on Nov.4 2019. There are actually 3 periods for 11.11 Gearbest sale 2019. In different periods, there will be different kinds of promotions.

  • Oct 30-Nov 10 Warming-up period: There will be gradually more and more deals and coupons released. People can get some special exclusive discounts on Banggood 11.11 activity page.
  •  Nov 10-Nov 12 Prime Blowout Sale: The best coupons with the biggest discounts will come out. Most of the orders will be made during this period.

2. On which day should I make the order to get the biggest discount?

Banggood is like Gearbest, there is actually not a specific date that you can get the biggest discount. It is because there are always price wars among e-shops and the prices will be updated in real-time. So my advice is that when you find a suitable price, just grab it. Do not wait because the deals and coupons are always limited. If you miss this time, you won’t be able to get them anymore.

3. Is there a promotion page for 11.11 Gearbest sale should I pay attention to?

Yes, you should pay attention to this 11.11 Banggood sale intergrated page. From this intergrated page, you can almost find all about 11.11 Banggood sale 2019. 

4. How to find the best coupons and deals for 11.11 Banggood sale 2019?

Good question. Actually, Gearcoupon also offers deals and coupons for 11.11 Banggood sale 2019. You can find them in the following part. We will keep the deals and coupons updated in real-time. And the coupons are all exclusive that you can never find in Banggood’s pages.