11.11 Gearbest sale 2019 tips-coupons/deals included

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As one of the most famous Chinese e-shops, Gearbest also brings 11.11 sales to the global market like Aliexpress. And Gearbest 11.11 sale has been a trending topic according to Google Trend data(see the chart below). It means people all over the world are paying more attention to Gearbest 11.11 sale. As a result, there are more and more questions about this topic. Here we would like to share our exclusive tips about Gearbest 11.11 sale 2019 to help you save more in this feast!

1. When will 11.11 Gearbest sale 2019 start?

11.11 Gearbest sale 2019 starts on Nov.4 2019. There are actually 3 periods for 11.11 Gearbest sale 2019. In different periods, there will be different kinds of promotions.

  • Nov 4-Nov 9 Preheat time: There will be gradually more and more deals and coupons released. People can get some special exclusive discounts on Banggood 11.11 activity page.
  • Nov 10-Nov 12 Peak time: Lots of deals and coupons released in real-time. People will be crazy for them. 80% of the purchases in 11.11 Gearbest Sale 2019 will happen during this period.
  • Nov 13-Nov 17 After Peak time: Deals and coupons will be constantly released. The trend will go lower and lower till Gearbest Black Friday Sale 2019.

2. On which day should I make the purchase to get the biggest discount?

According to our experiences, it depends. On different dates, there will be different promotions for different products. But normally, during Peak time there will be the biggest discounts. So I suggest when you find suitable discounts, do not hesitate to make the order so that you won’t miss the discounts. During 11.11 Gearbest sale, the dispatch will be slow. So when you find a lower price for the product you want, just contact customer service to cancel the order and make a new order.

3. Is there a promotion page for 11.11 Gearbest sale should I pay attention to?

Yes. The most one you should pay attention to is 11.11 Gearbest sale 2019 activity page. On this page, you can find all most all about Gearbest 11.11 sale.

4. How to find the best coupons and deals for 11.11 Gearbest sale 2019?

It is simple. Just check out our 11.11 Gearbest exclusive coupons and deals below. We will keep our coupons and deals updated in real-time on this page during the promotion.

Gearbest 11.11 coupon/sale updates

Nov 4: There are really good prices on Amazfit smart watches. For Amazfit GTR 47mm, before the lowest price is $139.99. During 11.11 sale, the price is just $129.99! That has been a really good price for it. And there are also $5 discounts on the newest Amazfit Titanium version and Glitter version. If you are interested in Amazfit Smart watches, you can find the deals below. You can also check our Amazfit GTR review for reference before the purchase.

Another game is to get GB points or special coupons by searching some specific keywords in the Gearbest searching bar. For example, we get 2 points(50 points can be used as $1) by searching ‘cubot’ in the searching bar. 

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Currently there are these keywords, you can get around 20 points and many coupons by clicking these hyperlinks one by one: Hubsan, CUBOT, alfawise, Gocomma, Utorch, Teclast, Aqara, SONOFF, Elephone, Yeelight, GALAXY, Bluedio, QCY, 360 vacuum cleaner, Oclean, roborock, Amazfit, GBITWS, Magicsee.

Nov 10: Really a lot of coupons were released for Gearbest 11.11 promotion. Most are for hot products like Xiaomi and Oneplus. Scroll down to find the coupons!

Nov 11: Many Gearbest 11.11 coupons were released time to time. We will keep all the Gearbest 11.11 coupons updated in real-time. There are hundred of Xiaomi and Oneplus coupons waiting for you! Your shopping cart will be definitely full-filled. So folks, get prepared and let’s enjoy this feast!

Gearbest 11.11 coupons 2019

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