4 apps to add portrait mode to any iPhone

When Apple introduced its iPhone 7 Plus, the portrait mode aroused almost the same uplift as the absence of a headphone jack. Suddenly everyone wanted photos with a blurry background, and the App Store was flooded with apps that were able to work properly with this effect. For other iPhones, Apple has further tweaked the portrait mode. However, there are users who would like to try this mode, but don't want to change their existing iPhone for a new one. Which applications can conjure up portrait mode even on incompatible models?

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CreativeCam iOS screenshot 1 CreativeCam iOS screenshot 2

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PortraitCam uses machine learning to create near-perfect photos in portrait mode. It can automatically detect and focus on a face. The application is by no means limited to blurring the background of the image, but can play properly with all the elements of the photo you take. You can adjust the amount of blur yourself, as well as many other parameters. There is also the option of adding impressive filters and a variety of effects.

Download PortraitCam for 129 crowns here.



FabFocus iOS screenshot 1 FabFocus iOS screenshot 2

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FabFocus is another powerful photo application capable of faithfully simulating a bokeh effect. You can take a photo directly from the app, or import it from a photo gallery on your iOS device. Like PortraitCam, FabFocus can automatically detect foreground objects. This process takes more time, but the result is really precise and most of the work is done by FabFocus for you. You can then fine-tune the photo to suit your needs and adjust the blur.

Download FabFocus for 99 crowns here.



AfterFocus iOS screenshot 1 AfterFocus iOS screenshot 2

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AfterFocus is one of the less expensive, but it does not detract from its quality. AfterFocus is a simple and fast way to give your photos the effect of portrait mode. It features a simple and easy-to-use user interface, allowing you to capture an image directly in the app and add it from the gallery on your iOS device. You can control the blur effect manually or use the smart feature in the app. Another option is the feature called Double Take – you are instructed to take two shots from different distances and the application will do the rest of the work for you.

Download AfterFocus for 25 crowns here.

Fore Photo


Fore Photo iOS screenshot 1 Fore Photo iOS screenshot 2

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If you don't want to invest any money in the portrait mode application, Fore Photo is the right choice for you. The application is available in both iPhone and iPad versions, and it is simple, fast and accurate. Fore Photo does not allow you to take a picture directly in the application environment, it only offers the possibility to import a photo from the gallery on your iOS device. After inserting the image, the application will automatically detect and blur the background, you can adjust the result yourself. Fore Photo offers more blurring options, the only tax on free use is a watermark that can be removed for in-app purchases.

Download Fore Photo for free here.

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