4 movies on iTunes that you can get cheaper this weekend (February 27, 2021 – February 29, 2021)

The weekend is here. If you do not plan to spend it walking in nature, you can watch an interesting movie. From time to time, iTunes reduces the price of selected titles – in today's article we will look at five movies that you can buy on iTunes at the weekend. However, it is possible that movies on iTunes will become more expensive again and will be available for purchase at a different price than stated in the article. Unfortunately, we can't influence this, but we assure you that at the time of writing, the prices on the Czech iTunes were as we state them.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

This weekend, you can download a well-filmed adaptation of the successful book of the same name by Truman Capote on iTunes. You can look forward to the charming and beautiful Audrey Hepburne starring Holly Golightly, who is seconded in the film by George Peppard.

59, – borrowing, 79, – purchase
English, Czech subtitles

You can make the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's here.

Crime legends

The film Legends of Crime tells the story of two gangsters – twins Reggie and Ron Kray, who were among the most famous criminals in the history of Great Britain. In the 1960s, the duo built a sophisticated realm of organized crime in East London.

39, – borrowing, 99, – purchase
English, Czech, Czech subtitle

You can make the film Legends of Crime here.

Cape of Horrors

The film Cape of Horrors is one of the classics of the early 1990s. Let yourself be captivated by the thrilling story of the struggle for life and death, the desire for revenge and the deadly insidiousness. After many years, Max Cady returns from prison and goes hard for his idea of ​​revenge, which aims to become completely innocent people. Absolutely nothing seems to stop Max from his bloodthirsty desire for revenge.

59, – borrowing, 79, – purchase
English, Czech, Czech subtitles

You can make the movie Cape of Horrors here.

The Bucket List

Actors Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman excel in Rob Reiner's bitter comedy. One day, a very disparate couple meets at the hospital – millionaire Edward and car mechanic Carter. Both men have a fatal diagnosis, but otherwise they have little in common. Edward has driven his profits all his life, he can't get along with people, and his family has collapsed, while Carter has a loving family that has had to sacrifice his desire for education and become a car mechanic instead. Despite the seemingly insurmountable differences, the two men make friends, make a list of their unfulfilled dreams and go out into the world.

59, – borrowing, 129, – purchase
English, Czech, Czech subtitles

You can get The Bucket List here.

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