4 Tips About Gearbest Seller Shops

Gearbest has started to open its platform to sellers recently. So now sellers can have shops of their own on Gearbest. This has been another biggest change that happened on Gearbest in 2019(last was the change in the LOGO). So, what will be the influence of this change? Here I would like to share some tips about it.

1. Lower prices

As the most obvious change to the customers, prices in seller shops on Gearbest will definitely be lower than Gearbest shops. For example, in ‘Smartselect andio shop’, a pair of i88 TWS headphones is $17.99. But in Gearbest shops lowest one is $24.89. The difference is quite big.

price difference between Gearbest shops and seller shops

The reason is quite simple. For seller shops, they do not need as many people as Gearbest does. So their costs are much lower, which makes them have lower prices. The same situation you can also find on Aliexpress.

2. More products

It is quite easy to understand why there will be more products. More products mean that customers can have more selections on things we’d like to buy. Seller shops have more advantages in operations. They may have their own shipping methods and warehouses, which offer them more opportunities to sell those Gearbest doesn’t sell. For example, we know that Gearbest now doesn’t sell refrigerators. But if a local seller in Eurepo starts his seller shop on Gearbest, then customer can buy refrigerators on Gearbest! This will definitely benefits both Gearbest and customers.

3. How to identify seller shops

Currently, there is no direct entrance for the seller shops on the pages of Gearbest. But you can identify if one product is from a seller shop by some special marks on the page. Attached is the mark. You can find the difference easily.

the mark of a seller shop

4. Is there a list of Gearbest seller shops?

The answer is YES! You can find the list here:

We will keep the list updated timely. Hope this list helps.

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