5 Best Laser Rangefinders of 2019 Under $20

Laser Rangefinder is one of the useful tools for daily use. We use it on many occasions, especially when measuring our houses. Here I would like to recommend some laser rangefinders under $20 to help you make good use of your budget.

1. Alfawise LS – 1 Mini Laser Rangefinder

Alfawise LS – 1 Mini

Firstly, Alfawise LS – 1 Mini has a really good look. Most people will fall in love with it at first sight after getting it. After all, it won IF Design Prize! It has only one button for all the functions, so it is really convenient and easy to control. Besides, it has really a lightweight, which is only around 30 grams.

2. DTAPE D3 Digital LaserRangefinder


Looking more geek, DTAPE D3 Digital is a representation of pragmatism. It has multiple buttons on the panel, which makes it look like a calculator. Just kidding! It can measure 40 meters range and if 40 doesn’t meet your demand, you can choose 50-120 meters models, which are a little more expensive. It weighs 120 grams, which sounds to be very heavy. Actually, it is fine!

3. LOMVUM LV-B Laser Rangefinder


Around 20,000 orders, LOMVUM LV-B has become a superstar in Aliexpress. It has an unbelievable low price so it is really popular. It almost has all the functions you need but only takes a little money from your pocket. For this price, it looks good quality with the ball and to carry it and everything.

4. KXL – E40 Laser Rangefinder

KXL – E40

With a high precision range of measurement, EXL-E40 is a really very fast, precise and efficient tool. This rangefinder has very good quality. Compared to other similar rangefinders, it is distinguished by the fact that it has a digital level (while the others have a spirit level). It’s more precise.

5. LOMVUM LV 66U Laser Rangefinder


This rangefinder looks like my old Vertu when I first saw it. The symbols on the screen are clear and easy to read. Seeing the screen, you may be worried about the light figures on a dark background. But actually, they are perfectly displayed. No worry at all!

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