5 hidden tricks in WhatsApp that every user should know

WhatsApp can be described without exaggeration as one of the most popular communication applications in the world. Indeed, this fact is confirmed by the 1.5 billion active users boasting the service. As many of you are undoubtedly one of them, it will certainly not be a matter of looking at 5 hidden tips and tricks that you may not have known about and which could make using this application even more enjoyable.

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Font adjustment

Did you know that in WhatsApp you can write messages in bold, italics, strikethrough, and other formats? It is definitely not difficult – you have to use special characters before and after the text, which will finally convert the message into the desired format. So if you want to highlight part of the message in some way, or you want to quote someone, just look at the gallery below. Here you will find examples of how text can be formatted in WhatsApp and what characters you must use for formatting.





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Pin important conversations

Do you really talk to someone often and don't want the conversation to go down in sequence? Alternatively, is one of the conversations very important, and you want it to always come first? That's what the developers of WhatsAppu thought of. You can simply pin up selected conversations in WhatsApp. They'll still appear in the top positions even if someone sends you a message and the last message in a pinned conversation may be a year old. Just swipe from left to right after a conversation to get pinned. From the options shown, just touch Pin.

5 hidden tricks on whatsapp

Save favorite messages

In addition to pinning conversations, WhatsApp also offers the option of pinning messages. If someone has written something you want to save, or you have written something and want to have it at hand, you can simply save the message. Just hold your finger on a message in a conversation, then select Star from the drop-down menu. You can then find these messages in the Settings (icon at the bottom right) of the Starred Messages section.





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Who do you write with most?

A few years ago on Facebook it was very trendy to keep track of how many messages you have with whom. In the first place it was mostly clear, because there was your long-time best friend, or expensive half. Unfortunately, this option is no longer available for security reasons. However, in WhatsAppu this option still exists. Just go to the Settings section, then go to the Data and Storage Usage section. Move to Storage Usage to see sorted conversations by storage size. If you click through a conversation, you can see how many messages are in it.





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Disable automatic media storage

You have noticed that if someone sends you a video or photo on WhatsApp, by default these media will automatically appear in your gallery. However, some users do not like this, for private reasons, for example, or they simply make the media out of the chat app in the gallery. If you would like to deactivate the automatic saving of media to the gallery in WhatsApp, go to Settings and click on the option Chats. Here, simply deactivate the Save to camera folder feature.





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