5 iPhone apps to use in the fall

While just a few days ago we enjoyed the heat almost as in summer, now the autumn magic witches full force. Chilly weather, early darkness or unpleasant temperatures are now commonplace. But how to survive this hated period of the year? This is exactly what we will try to answer in the following lines. We have prepared five interesting applications for you, which could be useful in cold weather at the end of this year.

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Headspace 1 Headspace 1

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The cold weather behind the windows, winter and darkness causes many of us to feel very unpleasant in the fall, which can often turn into depression. Fortunately, however, this can be solved by applications at least in the early stages. One of them is Headspace, which will help you relax, calm down and cleanse your head with simple meditations and exercises. The application is in English, but it is not difficult and with a little effort to understand its instructions everyone. So if the autumn anxiety is beginning to get on you, Headspace is a rather interesting solution to fight it at least in the beginning.

You can download the application here

Mighty Timer


Mighty Timer 1 Mighty Timer

Mighty Timer 2 Mighty Timer

Mighty Timer 3 Mighty Timer

Mighty Timer 4 Mighty Timer
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One of the cold autumn days is without a doubt a mug of delicious tea, which will always keep you warm when you return home. If you love him, you'll love Mighty Timer. It is a very useful helper, which will give you great advice on preparing your favorite loose tea. There are 11 pre-set and well-known teas in its menu, after clicking on it you will be informed about how much mixture is needed for its preparation, how hot water you have to prepare and how long you need to infuse it. Pleasant is also the possibility to set a countdown, which reminds you that the infusion of tea is finished and you can already enjoy it. You can also add your own time and brewing process to the app, making it possible for Mighty Timer to make your own teabook de facto.

You can download the application here

iRadar +


iradar+ 1 iradar + 1

iradar+ 2 iradar + 2

iradar+ 3 iradar + 3

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From time to time it happens that you have to leave your dwelling and go into the cold weather after all. But autumn weather is quite unpredictable and besides low temperatures and sharp winds whipping your face you will be very happy to give you a lot of rain. Fortunately, however, it is relatively easy to detect in time. Personally, besides the native Weather app, I used to use the iRadar + app, most of all its widget, which shows clouds over the map of the Czech Republic. This allows you to plan your outdoor errands precisely so that you can step forward with dry feet and dry feet back.

You can download the application here



pzizz 1 pzizz 1

pzizz 2 pzizz 2

pzizz 3 pzizz 3

pzizz 4 pzizz 4
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It is dark outside, it is raining, you are at home alone and you have nothing to do. You have already gone through all the films five times, books do not take you much, you do not want to listen to music either. So what to do? One of the options is to crawl into a soft bed, get bundled up and sleep. And that's what the Pzizz app can do for you. With a bit of exaggeration, you can identify a sleep manager who will help you sleep or wake up with pleasant sounds. Of course, you can simply timed everything and set it up to make your rest as good as possible. In addition to sleep, you can also use the app to increase concentration, which can be useful, for example, in the evening learning or catching up with work rest. The principle is very similar to that of sleep.

You can download the application here

Cycling and walking


na kole i pesky 1 cycling and pesky 1

na kole i pesky 2 cycling and pesky 2

na kole i pesky 3 cycling and pesky 3

na kole i pesky 4 cycling and pesky 4
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However, in order not to blame the autumn through the cold weather and darkness, we must admit that some of its beauty is a joy to see even with our own eyes. For example, colorful freshly fallen leaves in nature is truly charming and directly invites and captures great photos or just "shuffling" your feet right there. But where to go for a nice walk in your area? You can find the tip in the Cycling app or on foot. It hides a lot of different routes for both pedestrians and cyclists, where you can go and the autumn atmosphere nicely recharge.

You can download the application here

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