5 movies on iTunes that you can get better this week (June 18, 2021 – June 20, 2021)

From time to time, iTunes reduces the price of selected titles – in today's article we will look at five movies that you can buy on iTunes at the weekend. However, it is possible that movies on iTunes will become more expensive again and will be available for purchase at a different price than stated in the article. Unfortunately, we can't influence this, but we assure you that at the time of writing, the prices on the Czech iTunes were as we state them.


Hancock is not such a typical hero or superhero. He has supernatural abilities, but superpowers also have a great responsibility, which Hancock somehow doesn't realize. He is no stranger to sarcasm and rebellion, and is highly conflicting. Due to his complex nature, he is misunderstood, and although he has no bad intentions, only a trigger remains behind his heroic deeds. Hancock coughs at other people's opinions – but until he saves the life of Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman), who works as a PR executive, and when the cynical superhero begins to realize that he finally has a vulnerable page.

59, – loan, 149, – purchase English

You can get the movie Hancock here.


Gemini tells the story of elite assassin Henry Brogan (Will Smith), who always does all the work for one hundred percent. During the last order, however, Henry receives information that he certainly should not have heard. Henry begins to lose his life, and a fight with a very strange enemy is looming on the horizon.

79, – purchase English, Czech, Czech subtitles

You can make the movie Gemini here.

Fast and Furious 8

Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and Michelle Rodriguez dominate the stellar cast of Fast and Furious 8, another sequel to the worldwide successful series, this time offering even more high-octane action and adrenaline-fueled car battles. Dom (Diesel) and Letty (Rodriguez) are married, Brian and Mia have decided to retire, and the rest of the team are leading a seemingly normal life. But when a mysterious woman (Charlize Theron) leads Home into a world of crime from which there is no escape, team members face misery that will test them like never before. On the Cuban coast, in the streets of New York and in the icy Barents Sea, our elite unit will fight anarchy that would unleash chaos in the world, and must also bring home the man who made them a family.

59, – loan, 149, – purchase English, Czech, Czech subtitles

You can get the film Fast and Furious 8 here.

The Town

An experienced robber is planning an action that could be the biggest success of his thief gang so far. In doing so, he tries to figure out how to break out of the trap of his life and out of the city and at the same time escape an FBI agent who is trying to catch him and his gang of bank robbers. Ben Affleck not only dominates the excellent cast, but is also the director and co-writer of the thrilling, critically acclaimed crime thriller, which takes place – and often explodes – in the harsh locations of Boston.

59, – loan, 279, – purchase English, Czech, Czech subtitles

You can shoot The Town here.

Hotel Transylvania 3

In the film from Sony Animation Pictures Hotel Transylvania 3: A horrible holiday, we go on a cruise liner with our favorite family of ghosts, where Dracula has a well-deserved break from working in a hotel. Dracula's entourage enjoys a peaceful voyage and is happy to use everything a luxury vessel has to offer, from haunting volleyball to exotic excursions and sunbathing at the Moonlight. However, when Mavis finds out that Dracula has gone mad to the mysterious captain of Erika's ship, which hides a terrible secret that could destroy ghosts around the world, dream vacation becomes a nightmare.

69, – purchase English, Czech, Czech subtitles

You can get the movie Hotel Transylvánie 3 here.

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