5 movies on iTunes that you can get cheaper this weekend (19. 2. 2021 – 21. 2. 2021)

The weekend is here. If you do not plan to spend it walking in nature, you can watch an interesting movie. From time to time, iTunes reduces the price of selected titles – in today's article we will look at four movies that you can buy on iTunes at the weekend. However, it is possible that movies on iTunes will become more expensive again and will be available for purchase at a different price than stated in the article. Unfortunately, we can't influence this, but we assure you that at the time of writing, the prices on the Czech iTunes were as we state them.


The legendary story of the Chinese warrior Mulan comes to life again in a feature film from the director's workshop of Niki Caro. Let yourself be captivated by a story in which a brave young woman risks everything out of love for her family and her country. Will Mulan stand in an army where there is no room for women and girls, and gain the status of a respected warrior and the respect of a grateful nation?

59, – borrowing, 99, – purchase
English, Czech

You can shoot Mulan here.

LEGO story 2

In LEGO Story 2, popular heroes from Bricksburg return – their duty is to save their beloved city again. Its inhabitants are threatened by another huge danger – LEGO DUPLO invaders from space, who destroy everything they come up with. The struggle to save the city and re-establish the order will take Emmett, Lucy, Batman and their new friends to unknown worlds, where everything is like a musical. He will test their courage, ingenuity and masterful building skills. It will show what we are actually sleeping in.

59, – borrowing, 99, – purchase
English, Czech, Czech subtitles

You can get the film LEGO story 2 here.

Hacksaw Ridge: The Birth of a Hero

Hacksaw Ridge tells the story of Desmond Dosse (Andrew Garfield) – a hero who rescued seventy-five men during the bloodiest battle of World War II without a single shot. This field medic went down in history as the only American soldier to fight in the front lines without a weapon during World War II, and as the first opponent of military service to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

129, – purchase
English, Czech, Czech subtitles

You can get the movie Hacksaw Ridge: The Birth of a Hero here.


Mack Phillips' daughter Missy is kidnapped. One day, in an abandoned shack, there is evidence that she was most likely murdered, but Mack receives a very strange message some time later in which the writer invites him to the shack for the weekend. What he finds there will change his life forever.

129, – purchase
English, Czech subtitles

You can shoot the film Shack here.

Get Rich or Die Tryin

The music film Get Rich or Die Tryin is almost fifteen years old, but it will surely please fans of the rapper named 50 Cent. As is often the case in the world of rap, life with the main character Marcus (50 Cent) is not too cuddling. After his mother was murdered, he plunges into the path of a drug dealer and begins to enjoy life. The film is based on real-life 50 Cent Jackson.

59, – loan, 69 ,. purchase

You can get the movie Get Rich or Die Trying here.

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