5 movies on iTunes that you can get cheaper this weekend (October 22, 2021 – October 24, 2021)

From time to time, iTunes reduces the price of selected titles – in today's article we will look at five movies that you can buy on iTunes at the weekend. However, it is possible that movies on iTunes will become more expensive again and will be available for purchase at a different price than stated in the article. Unfortunately, we can't influence this, but we assure you that at the time of writing, the prices on the Czech iTunes were as we state them.

Window to the yard

Photographer J. B. Jeff Jeffries (James Stewart) is dependent on a wheelchair due to a broken leg. In long moments, his companion becomes a window leading directly to the courtyard, from where Jeff has a view of his neighbors' apartments. Watching the fate of tenants from the house opposite engulfs him so much that he begins to suspect one of them of his wife's murder. Jeffries and his elegant girlfriend (Grace Kelly) embark on a completely complex chain of events – events leading to a sensational and captivating end.

59, – borrowing, 79, – purchase
English, Czech subtitles

You can make the film Window to the Yard here.


In a few years, we won't even have to move a finger, because modern technology will take care of everything for us. Technophobies will not live easily at such times. Gray Trace (Logan Marshall-Green) is famous for being one of the last people to prefer his own hands to technology. However, one night that turns his life upside down will drastically change this approach. A car accident on the night highway and a clash with a bunch of bastards who murder his girlfriend and maim his death. Grey's prospects in a wheelchair are more than obscure until a fellow scientist offers him a technological improvement. With the chip in the spinal cord, Gray can not only walk and move his hands again, but also gains other, as yet unsuspected possibilities. An experimental device called STEM can, for example, track down the perpetrators of the night assault and also help Gray deal with the crooks by hand. Who would resist? Certainly not Gray. However, when he leaves the first of the perpetrators in the pool of blood, he wonders if STEM should slow down at least a little. The question is whether it will work. And if Gray wants it at all.

59, – borrowing, 79, – purchase
English, Czech, Czech subtitles

You can get the movie Upgrade here.

Lost boys

Sam and his older brother Michael are purely American young men with purely American interests. However, after moving with his mother to the quiet town of Santa Carla, California, things start to change surprisingly. Michael has been ceasing himself lately. And his mother won't like what she's changing into. The film Lost Boys dresses the tradition of vampire horror in a new coat. It is a skillfully mixed mixture of horror that breaks the hearts of the audience, laughter that makes their diaphragms crack, and rock music that does not leave a single muscle in the body still.

129, – purchase
English, Czech, Czech subtitles

You can get the film Lost Boys here.


Dynamic lovestory full of dance and music. Mary and Buddy's life revolves around their love, they mainly have each other and live romantically in a parked trailer. In addition, they are united by a passion for dance. In their small town almost at the end of the world, they put together a dance group, street dance brings them all friendship, freedom and also dreams. Both, like the other members of the group, dream that one day they will be not only in love, but also famous and rich. And the doors of the big world and the shiny show business will one day really open. During the dance battle, the renowned producer will offer them a participation in the casting for a large television dance competition. But behind the scenes of such a show has its hard laws, for the character of each of them and for friendship, fame will mean a great test. The hardest will then have to be experienced by the love of the central couple. So far, they have made love without compromise, but new and unexpected characters will enter their feelings.

59, – borrowing, 129, – purchase

You can shoot the movie Backstage here.

Red Planet

The earth is dying, and humanity's only hope is to colonize Mars. But when a crew of six heroic astronauts embark on the most important space mission of the 21st century in this thrilling sci-fi thriller, a shocking revelation awaits them that the red planet may be desolate but not deserted.

59, – borrowing, 129, – purchase
English, Czech, Czech subtitles

You can shoot Red Planet here.

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