5 Simple Factors About the Mosquito Killer Lamp

Mosquito killer lamp has a simple structure, low price, beautiful appearance, small volume, and low power consumption. And it is becoming a star product nowadays in daily use. Here I would like to share some tips about it.

1. The simple working principle for mosquito killer lamp

The carbon dioxide exhaled by humans is scientifically proven to be the only substance that attracts mosquitoes. A mosquito killer that produces light(350-380nm wavelength), heat, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and flowing air that mosquitoes like when they work. It simulates the human body breathing to attract mosquitoes.

2. The simple structure of mosquito killer lamp

A mosquito killer lamp usually only has 3 main parts. They are: LED light to attract, fan to suck and a box to trap the mosquitoes. So actually, the cost of a mosquito killer lamp won’t be high.

mosquito killer lamp

3. The simple death of mosquitoes

Some people think the trapped mosquitoes die because of the starving. In fact, they die due to the wind. After the fan sucks them into the box, the ‘strong’ winds flow and the mosquito dies due to the lack of water.

4. The simple use of mosquito killer lamp

Most of the mosquito killer lamp is very easy to use. You just need to plug it to the power source and it will work. The only one thing you should pay attention is to put it in the right place. It means you should put it away from your body because blue light will probably cause damage to your skin, especially for babies.

5. The simple purchase of mosquito killer lamp

You can easily get one from E-shops. Here I would like to recommend some good ones with high cost-effects.


AJ1020 has a really good price at $9.99 but it has all the functions that it should have. It has almost 3000 orders on Aliexpress. Many people all around the world has chosen it.


Gearbest recently just released it and it has been a trend on Gearbest. The design of it is really good and you can put it in your home as an decoration. The price is $12.99, also acceptable.

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