5 tips for Netflix that every user should know

Netflix is ​​one of the most popular streaming services currently available. You are likely to pay a monthly subscription to this service. We have brought you 5 tips for Netflix in the past and since this article was very popular, we have prepared a sequel for you. Sit back and enjoy 5 more tips that every Netflix user should know.

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5 tips that every Netflix user should know

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Turn off thumbnails


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When you select a show to watch on Netflix, a sample or another episode is played in the background by default. Several users have complained about this feature because they often tell you a lot of these demos and may also interfere with your selection. If you want to turn off these previews, you just need to move to the Netflix site. Once you do so, sign in to your account and open the profile where you want to turn off thumbnails. Then click Manage Profiles at the top right. Then touch the pencil icon next to the profile you want to turn off thumbnails. Then just uncheck Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices. Finally, click Save, and then click Done.

Hidden codes


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Within Netflix, you can choose programs from several different categories, such as action, comedy, documentary, etc. Most users are fine with this distribution. However, there are those connoisseurs looking for a certain show with a specific theme. So if you are looking for programs about extraterrestrials, lesbians, satanic stories, or even werewolves, then Netflix will definitely come into its own. Each of these categories has its own hidden code. To do so, type https://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/ in the address bar and paste the selected slash after the last slash. All hidden codes can be found on the Netflixhiddencodes page or through the Unlocked for Netflix application. You can read more about the hidden codes in the article that I attach to this paragraph.

Caption size


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In your account settings, you can also set the size and appearance of the captions on Netflix. If you want to change the appearance of Netflix captions, first move to the Netflix environment. Once you do, log in to your account and open the profile where you want to set up captions. Then click the arrow at the top right and select Account from the menu. Once you have done so, scroll down to the My Profile section and click Subtitle appearance. Here you can simply choose the font style, its shadow or size. The caption preview is then displayed at the top.

Browser extension


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If you are an advanced user and are not alien to various browser extensions, you might have thought that these extensions exist for Netflix. For example, some extensions may hide captions and thumbnails of videos on Netflix, which may include spoilers. In this case, I can recommend, for example, the No Summary For You extension. Other extensions can add various features – for example, PiPier can activate the ability to display Netflix in PIP mode. Of course, there are more of these extensions, even across different browsers.

Shows offline


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It's been a while since Netflix launched the offline download option. However, this option is only available on your mobile device, iPhone or iPad. However, the offline download option is not available for all shows. To see which shows you can download, move to your Netflix on your iPhone or iPad and choose the profile you want to download the shows to. Then, in the bottom menu, move to the Downloads section and download one of the offered programs.

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