5 Tips You Should Know about Gearbest Order Tracking

Before you purchase from Gearbest, one of the most important things you should know is the Gearbest order tracking issues. As we know, Gearbest sends most products from China. So it may take a long period for a product to reach you. During the period, the only way to get information about your package is to track the orders by a tracking number. Here I would like to share 5 tips about Gearbest order tracking to help you know more about it.

1. Be Aware of Which Tracking Site You Will Need

Until 2018, Gearbest widely used 17track.net as the major tracking site. But recently, Gearbest changed the main tracking site to 1tracking.net, which is even more convenient for tracking packages. But still, 17track.net is still a good choice if you like its layout more.


2. Gearbest Reference Number Can Be Tracked When Your Package Is Still In China -useful for unregistered orders-.

When you are buying on China E-shops like Gearbest, you might wonder if we can track Gearbest order with unregistered shipping method. One method to ‘track’ it is sky56. The only difference is that tracking will stop when the packages leave China customs.

3. Please Do Not Worry If Your Gearbest Tracking Shows ‘Not Found’

Some people complain that when they are trying to track their order, it appears on the tracking site that the tracking number is not found, it does not exist or it is not working. And they feel worried. Actually, this is because the shipping carrier has not activated the tracking number yet. The tracking numbers always work, you just have to wait some days until it gets enabled. If the tracking is still not valid after 7 days, you can directly contact Gearbest Customer Service for further help by adding a ticket.

Tracking not found
Tracking not found

4. Can We Track Gearbest Priority Line? Yes!

This question seems to be silly but there are really many people asking about this issue. Priority Line tracking numbers are strange to them, just because they are different than normal tracking numbers. But they can be tracked with exactly the same procedure. Just track in 1tracking.net !

5. You Can Track Gearbest Orders Through Your Local Carrier When Tracking Shows Package Has Reached Your Country

For almost all the packages, different carriers are in charge of shipment and delivery. So, when the tracking shows that your order has passed your local customs, you should try to track through your local carrier. For example, if you live in France and Gearbest has sent your package by EU priority line, you can track your order through DPD after the package has past French customs.

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