6 features from iOS 15 that don't work on older iPhones

This week, on Monday, June 7, 2021, we saw the introduction of new operating systems for Apple devices at the WWDC21 development conference. Specifically, the apple company introduced iOS and iPadOS 15, macOS 12 Monterey, watchOS 8 and tvOS 15. The largest part of the presentation was dedicated to iOS 15 and this system offers the most new of all the introduced. In recent days, of course, we have been devoting all the news to our magazine so that you are in the picture. But the truth is that some features of iOS 15 that depend on the Neural Engine do not work on older iPhones – they do not have a Neural Engine, or is simply weak. Specifically, these devices are:

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Although the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X already have the Neural Engine, it can be assumed that it is not powerful enough to work with the new features. So to put it bluntly – if you want to enjoy all the new features from iOS 15, you need to own a device with an A12 Bionic chip and later. In translation, this means that you must own an iPhone XS (hence XR) and later. But now let's take a look at the features from iOS 15 themselves, which you won't enjoy on older iPhones. Still, it's more than remarkable that the iOS 15 is available on the iPhone 6s at all. This phone was introduced in 2015, which is a long time ago. Apple thus offers unrivaled support for its devices.

iphone 6s s ios 15 Source: SmartMockups

Live Text

With Live Text, you can easily work with text that is within photos or that you focus on when taking photos. So, for example, if you point iPhone at a text during a photo shoot, it will be recognized and you can then move to a special mode with a single button, in which you can copy, share or search for text, for example. In Photos, all you have to do is simply hold your finger on the text, just as if it were some text on the web. Live Text also works with links – for example, if you point to a phone number, you can start calling immediately. Unfortunately, you will not use Live Text on older devices.

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In addition to the Live Text function in iOS 15, we find a function called Virtual Lookup in English, hence visual search. With this feature, you can easily identify objects in your photos. In practice, this means that the iPhone can recognize that there is an animal, art, book, nature, device and much more in the photo. I personally tried this feature on the word iMac. I typed that word into Spotlight, and in a moment all the photos of the iMac were taken. It offers a similar function within Android and Google, but you will not enjoy it on older iPhones.

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Portrait mode in FaceTime

If a coronavirus pandemic has affected your work or student regime, you are most likely to be at home in the home office. In order to communicate with co-workers or teachers and classmates, you had to use one of the leading communication applications – such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. All these applications were constantly improved during the coronavirus pandemic, but unfortunately FaceTime remained unchanged. Late, but still – so you could appreciate the enhancements to FaceTime with the advent of iOS 15. In addition to the fact that FaceTime in iOS 15 offers the ability to connect to a FaceTime call to anyone, via a link, so there is also a feature that allows you to let blur background. This has been working for a long time in the above-mentioned communication applications. But there is a limitation in FaceTime – portrait mode, ie simply background blur, only works from iPhone XS (or XR) and newer.

facetime_pozadi_rozmazane Source: Edited by Flying the World with Apple

Surround sound in FaceTime

Other enhancements to FaceTime include the ability to use surround sound. With surround sound, you hear a voice from the direction the other person is talking on the iPhone during FaceTime calls. In short and simply, if a person speaks on the iPhone from the right side, thanks to the surround sound, your voice will really play on the right side. This is a great feature, but unfortunately you won't enjoy it with iOS 15 installed on iPhones X and older. The function requires the already mentioned chip A12 Bionic and newer.

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Improve cities in Maps

As part of iOS 15, Apple has decided to redesign even major global cities. Thanks to this, you can have more details about roads, buildings, trees and other objects displayed, and some places can even be displayed in 3D mode. There is also an improvement in the dark mode, which resembles a night city under the shining moon. To use this feature in iOS 15, you need iPhone XS and later. In addition, you will not even enjoy these innovations in the Czech Republic, but only in the world's capitals.

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Pedestrian navigation through the AR

Another novelty that you will not enjoy on older iPhones, and moreover in the Czech Republic, is pedestrian navigation through the AR. However, if you ever find yourself in one of the world's major cities, this feature will surprise you, ie if you own an iPhone XS and newer. Thanks to AR, it will be enough to simply look around, which will recognize the place where you are. The iPhone display will then show you real-time street names and navigation arrows, which you can hold to reach your destination.

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