7 apps and games on the Mac App Store and Stream that are free or discounted today (Dec 4, 2019)

We regularly bring you a list of some interesting macOS applications and games from the Mac App Store and the Steam, which are free for a given day or at a special price. For today, however, we'll only list apps that were discounted on the Mac App Store at the time of writing. We try to pick only the most interesting ones that might be of use to you. Unfortunately, it may happen that the application slips again to the original price, but this will not affect. To get an app, click on its name.

Magic Hider

Magic Hider can reliably hide sensitive parts of your photos or slides, all quickly and reliably. So if you are looking for a quality solution that can easily cope with this problem, you should at least look at this app.


aplikace-se-slevou-magic-hider1 discount-application-magic-hider1

aplikace-se-slevou-magic-hider2 magic-hider2 application

aplikace-se-slevou-magic-hider3 magic-hider3 application

aplikace-se-slevou-magic-hider4 application-with-discount-magic-hider4 +2 Photos

aplikace-se-slevou-magic-hider5 magic-hider5 applications
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Original price: 49 Kč (25 Kč)


LilyView serves as an ordinary viewer of your images in a very specific direction. This app shows only pictures and so you do not have to worry about the interface of the program itself. You can see how the app works in the gallery below.


aplikace-se-slevou-lilyview1 discount-application-lilyview1

aplikace-se-slevou-lilyview2 discount-application-lilyview2

aplikace-se-slevou-lilyview3 discount-application-lilyview3
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Original price: 249 Kč (129 Kč)

Home Design 3D GOLD

With Home Design 3D GOLD, you can simply design your own home in 3D and then customize your interior. This allows you to visualize any room design that you would like to change. This app will give you an insight into the possible appearance of one of your rooms and make it easier to choose.


aplikace-se-slevou-home-design-3d-gold5 application-discount-home-design-3d-gold5

aplikace-se-slevou-home-design-3d-gold4 application-discount-home-design-3d-gold4

aplikace-se-slevou-home-design-3d-gold3 application-discount-home-design-3d-gold3

aplikace-se-slevou-home-design-3d-gold1 application-discount-home-design-3d-gold1 +2 Photos

aplikace-se-slevou-home-design-3d-gold2 application-discount-home-design-3d-gold2
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Original price: 249 Kč (99 Kč)

DiRT 4

Probably the vast majority of players know the legendary racing game DiRT 4, in which you grab the steering wheel of one of the crowded cars and compete with your opponents in the classic rally races. What's more, this game is available today with an eighty percent discount and you can experience a great deal of adrenaline and speed while playing it.


aplikace-se-slevou-dirt-4--1 discount-application-dirt-4–1

aplikace-se-slevou-dirt-4--2 discount-application-dirt-4–2

aplikace-se-slevou-dirt-4--3 application-at-discount-dirt-4–3

aplikace-se-slevou-dirt-4--4 application-with-discount-dirt-4–4 +3 Photos

aplikace-se-slevou-dirt-4--5 application-at-discount-dirt-4–5

aplikace-se-slevou-dirt-4--6 application-at-discount-dirt-4–6
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Original Price: 54,99 € (10,99 €)

Killer Queen Black

In Killer Queen Black, there are always two teams of 4 players. Specifically, there are three workers and one queen whose killing always leads to an immediate win of the match. Of course, your task will be to work with your team, destroy the enemies and kill the enemy queen – but don't forget to defend yours properly.


aplikace-se-slevou-killer-queen-black1 application-with-discount-killer-queen-black1

aplikace-se-slevou-killer-queen-black2 application-with-discount-killer-queen-black2

aplikace-se-slevou-killer-queen-black3 application-with-discount-killer-queen-black3

aplikace-se-slevou-killer-queen-black4 application-with-discount-killer-queen-black4 +2 Photos

aplikace-se-slevou-killer-queen-black5 application-with-discount-killer-queen-black5
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Original Price: 16,79 € (10,07 €)

Mellel 4

Mellel 4 targets all writers looking for a reliable and fairly simple solution for their writing. With the help of this app, writers can keep track of all aspects of their document and still focus only on writing.


aplikace-se-slevou-mellel-4--5 discount-application-mellel-4–5

aplikace-se-slevou-mellel-4--4 discount-application-mellel-4–4

aplikace-se-slevou-mellel-4--3 discount-application-mellel-4–3

aplikace-se-slevou-mellel-4--1 application-with-discount-mellel-4–1 +2 Photos

aplikace-se-slevou-mellel-4--2 discount-application-mellel-4–2
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Original price: 1 150 Kč (749 Kč)

QR Factory

Do you often work with QR codes and do not want to waste any more time generating them? If you answered yes to this question, you should definitely check out QR Factory. Within this application, you can choose the purpose for which you want to create a QR code, and then just fill in the required information. QR Factory then allows you to save the resulting QR code in several of the most widely used formats, so you can share the final files immediately.


aplikace-se-slevou-qr-factory1 discount-application-qr-factory1

aplikace-se-slevou-qr-factory2 discount-application-qr-factory2

aplikace-se-slevou-qr-factory3 discount-application-qr-factory3

aplikace-se-slevou-qr-factory4 application-with-discount-qr-factory4 +2 Photos

aplikace-se-slevou-qr-factory5 discount-application-qr-factory5
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Original price: 499 Kč (249 Kč)

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