7 cool themes for Xiaomi smartphones to refresh the look of MIUI 12

7 cool themes for Xiaomi smartphones to refresh the look of MIUI 12

The ability to customize the user interface with free themes is one of the MIUI chips that many users love.

In the new selection, we have collected seven original themes for Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO smartphones. Going forward, let's say that to install some of these themes you need to change the region of the device. How to do it, we will tell at the end of the article.

Project Black

Opens a selection of the perfect theme for fans of the dark interface. By decorating the user interface in dark tones, you will further save battery power if your smartphone is equipped with an AMOLED display.

Project Black stands out against other dark themes with a unique set of icons, bright widgets on the lock screen and the Control Center in dark tones. This is without a doubt a very stylish and at the same time functional theme.

Technology Line

This impressive and multifunctional theme strikes with its futuristic appearance with animation and the ability to change the main color of the interface. Also among its features – custom application icons and a minimalist control center. The theme is compatible with devices on MIUI 12 and MIUI 12.5.

X Led

This theme attracts attention with its retro design, colorful wallpapers and new widgets. If that's not enough, be aware that X Led also has customizable application icons and multicolored control buttons.

Pseudo Housekeeper

This is one of the topics that every owner of Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO smartphones should definitely try. It has a minimalist and modern design, from which everything else has been removed.

Jade UI

This dark topic can offer much more than it may seem at first glance. The theme brings various wallpapers, a package of personalized application icons and an updated Control Center with different shades of green.

MeeGo Srxui

This theme is suitable for those who want to create a minimalist, but at the same time personalized interface for your smartphone. The lock screen greets you with an image of the coast, and when you unlock your smartphone, you will see updated interface elements in different shades. And, the orange shade prevails in registration, but white and green colors are also present.

White Ghosty

The selection is completed by a colorful, minimalist and quite visually pleasing theme with a neutral lock screen, greenish wallpaper and a modified Control Center with buttons illuminated in different colors.

As mentioned at the outset, some of the themes may need to change regions. You can do this in the device settings menu. To do this, open "Settings", go to the "Advanced Settings" section and click on "Region", where you select India as an alternative region. After installing the theme you like, you can return to your home country in the same way. The region change procedure is a reversible process and does not pose any risk to your smartphone.

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