7 film and series news on HBO GO, which will make your weekend more pleasant (June 18, 2021 – June 20, 2021)

At the end of the week, we again bring you a selection of weekend tips for new series and movie additions in the program offer of the HBO GO streaming service. You can look forward to, for example, the fantasy On the Road, the sci-fi thriller On the Edge of Tomorrow or, for example, the drama 14 Days, 12 Nights.


This weekend, you can enjoy, for example, the new Betty series on HBO GO. Inspired by Crystal Moselle's critically acclaimed feature debut "Skate Kitchen," the HBO series BETTY follows a diverse group of young women making their way through New York's predominantly male skateboarding world.

On the road

The fantasy story follows two of the most popular literary characters – Petr Pan and Alice in Wonderland. Eight-year-old Alenka, her naughty brother Petr and their brilliant older brother David unleash their imagination during a carefree summer in the English countryside. Encouraged by their parents, Jack and Rose, the children organize imaginary tea parties, fencing fights and imaginative pirate adventures. However, their idyll suddenly ends after a tragedy strikes the family. Petr, who wants to shine like a hero in the eyes of grieving and increasingly poor parents, travels with Alenka to London, where he tries to sell off the family property. After returning home, Alenka finds temporary refuge in a miraculous rabbit hole, while Petr escapes from reality into a magical world, where he becomes the leader of a gang of Lost Boys.


The three losers are having the hardest, strangest and at the same time the most fun day of their lives. In Moscow, meanwhile, members of a gang of Kyrgyz conspirators are beginning to take over the reins of power, a sexist gynecologist and a feminist traumatologist come to work, a film producer betrays his homeland, and police pull out batons. The question is, what will become fatal for our friends?

On the edge of tomorrow

The story takes place in the near future. A strange alien race is attacking Earth, and Major Bill Cage is demoted and sent with zero training and lousy armament to accomplish a task other than a suicide mission. He is killed within minutes, but wakes up again at the beginning of the same hellish day and is forced to fight and die again. Direct physical contact with the alien caused him to fall into a time loop, and he is doomed to experience the relentless battle over and over again. However, with each new attempt, his resilience and alertness increase, and he is able to make better use of his growing abilities in the fight against aliens. A member of the special forces, Rita Vrataski, is fighting by his side. Each subsequent battle is an opportunity for Cage and Rita to find a way to defeat the alien invaders and save the Earth.

Night Ride

Jin is a young Chinese immigrant who lives illegally in Paris. He works for the Triads as a member of the taxi service with fraudulent practices. His only memory of the history of the DJ in Beijing is the inspiring sophisticated electro music he plays in the car while driving. One night, Naomi, a troubled but charming companion and stripper, joins him. Because young Jin immediately fascinates her and captivates her with her music, she makes him her exclusive driver. When the two get closer, they decide to flee together. But Jin will have to trip a few very dangerous people first.


Summer 1998. The opening stages of the Tour de France are moved to Ireland. The 39-year-old Belgian rider Dom Chabol is one of the best "domesticers" (support cyclists) in the last 20 years. It's the role of a scapegoat – he has to set the pace, block the wind and provide the desired support to the main stars of the team – his own victory is out of the question. But Dom secretly longs for the opportunity to wear a yellow jersey – at least once. At the beginning of his probably last race, however, Dom is fired without hesitation from the team to which he sacrificed his entire life. A chance meeting with a young Irish doctor, Lynn, finally alleviates his grief and Dom begins to get used to a life without sports. Little does he know that a big doping affair will knock out another member of the biggest cycling event team and Dom will be back in the saddle…

14 days, 12 nights

After Isabelle Brodeur loses her adoptive daughter Clara in a tragic accident, she goes to Vietnam, where her baby girl was born. The journey leads her to the former nanny of a little girl, from whom she learns that Clara's biological mother is still alive. Isabelle discovers her daughter's country through the eyes of the woman who gave birth to her. During this fascinating pilgrimage, the two women gradually reveal their innermost secrets to each other. The captivating film explores the influence of culture, identity, forgiveness and exceptional friendship between two women, strengthened by mutual love for the same child.

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