7 games and applications available for free or at discount on iOS today (Nov 8, 2019)

We have prepared for you the most interesting applications and games, which are completely free today. Unfortunately, it can easily happen that some applications will be at full price again. We cannot control this in any way, and we want to assure you that the application was free at the time of writing. To download an app, click the app name.

Mos Speedrun

In Mos Speedrun 2 you find yourself in the role of Mose, whose task is to quickly overcome the level. Since the first part of this game, the main character Mos has significantly improved, as he now has the features that can swim, push different blocks, bounce off the wall or even jump on the creepers.


aplikace-se-slevou-mos-speedrun-2--1 discount-application-mos-speedrun-2–1

aplikace-se-slevou-mos-speedrun-2--2 discount-application-mos-speedrun-2–2

aplikace-se-slevou-mos-speedrun-2--3 discount-application-mos-speedrun-2–3

aplikace-se-slevou-mos-speedrun-2--4 discount-application-mos-speedrun-2–4
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Candy Monster 2015

In the game you will find yourself in the role of Candy Monster, facing only one task – to collect and eat as many cookies and sweets. Candy Monster 2015 is aimed primarily at children who can experience countless fun while playing.


aplikace-se-slevou-candy-monster-2015--1 application-discount-candy-monster-2015–1

aplikace-se-slevou-candy-monster-2015--2 application-with-discount-candy-monster-2015–2

aplikace-se-slevou-candy-monster-2015--3 application-discount-candy-monster-2015–3

aplikace-se-slevou-candy-monster-2015--4 application-discount-candy-monster-2015–4
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SteamWorld Heist

The turn-based strategy of SteamWorld Heist offers a lot of fun from an alternative environment where the world is still dominated by steam-based technology. You will have a bunch of pirates and you will have to think carefully over your moves. Your main task will be to properly deal with anyone who even gently crosses your path.


aplikace-se-slevou-steamworld-heist1 discount-application-steamworld-heist1

aplikace-se-slevou-steamworld-heist2 discount-application-steamworld-heist2

aplikace-se-slevou-steamworld-heist3 application-with-discount-steamworld-heist3

aplikace-se-slevou-steamworld-heist4 application-at-discount-steamworld-heist4 +2 Photos

aplikace-se-slevou-steamworld-heist5 discount-application-steamworld-heist5
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King of Math: Full Game

King of Math: Full Game is designed to teach basic math to people of all ages. But what makes King of Math: Full Game different from its competitors is that it is a game rather than an application. Because developers want to teach children mathematics in a fun way, you collect points for the right answers. This can become very motivating for children and it can also move them further.


aplikace-se-slevou-king-of-math-full-game5 application-discount-king-of-math-full-game5

aplikace-se-slevou-king-of-math-full-game2 application-discount-king-of-math-full-game2

aplikace-se-slevou-king-of-math-full-game1 application-discount-king-of-math-full-game1

aplikace-se-slevou-king-of-math-full-game3 application-with-discount-king-of-math-full-game3 +2 Photos

aplikace-se-slevou-king-of-math-full-game4 application-discount-king-of-math-full-game4
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Easy Spending Budget

As the name of this application shows, with the help of Easy Spending Budget we should be able to manage our budget much better. The app allows us to have a perfect overview of all our daily expenses, so you can think in the future whether you spend your money wisely.


aplikace-se-slevou-easy-spending-budget1 application-with-discount-easy-spending-budget1

aplikace-se-slevou-easy-spending-budget2 application-with-discount-easy-spending-budget2

aplikace-se-slevou-easy-spending-budget3 application-at-discount-easy-spending-budget3

aplikace-se-slevou-easy-spending-budget4 application-with-discount-easy-spending-budget4
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In the highly acclaimed Anthill game, you immerse yourself in a realistic world of ants that is designed exactly to the behavior of normal ants we know from our nature. In this game, your main task will be to defend your anthill using the right tactics. Your main enemies will be ordinary parasitic beetles who will not just be defeated.


aplikace-se-slevou-anthill1 discount-application-anthill1

aplikace-se-slevou-anthill2 discount-application-anthill2

aplikace-se-slevou-anthill3 discount-application-anthill3

aplikace-se-slevou-anthill4 application-with-discount-anthill4 +2 Photos

aplikace-se-slevou-anthill5 discount-application-anthill5
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Fliptastic Pro

With Fliptastic Pro, you can make your photos very effective in beautiful presentations, complete with several special and beautiful effects. For example, you can then share your resulting presentations on social networks and present your audience with some part of your life.


aplikace-se-slevou-fliptastic-pro1 application-with-discount-fliptastic-pro1

aplikace-se-slevou-fliptastic-pro2 application-at-discount-fliptastic-pro2

aplikace-se-slevou-fliptastic-pro3 application-with-discount-fliptastic-pro3

aplikace-se-slevou-fliptastic-pro4 application-with-discount-fliptastic-pro4 +3 Photos

aplikace-se-slevou-fliptastic-pro5 discount-application-fliptastic-pro5

aplikace-se-slevou-fliptastic-pro6 discount-application-fliptastic-pro6
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