7 games and applications that you get on iOS today or for free (4. 12. 2019)

We have prepared for you the most interesting applications and games, which are completely free today. Unfortunately, it can easily happen that some applications will be at full price again. We cannot control this in any way, and we want to assure you that the application was free at the time of writing. To download an app, click the app name.

Wall Street Pro – Business, Finance, Economy & Market News

By downloading Wall Street Pro – Business, Finance, Economy & Market News, you get the perfect tool to keep you up to date with world economic events. This app collects the most interesting articles about business, finance, economics and market, so you can access them directly from one place.


aplikace-se-slevou-wall-street-pro-business-finance-economy-and-market-news1 application-with-discount-wall-street-for-business-finance-economy-and-market-news1

aplikace-se-slevou-wall-street-pro-business-finance-economy-and-market-news2 application-with-discount-wall-street-for-business-finance-economy-and-market-news2

aplikace-se-slevou-wall-street-pro-business-finance-economy-and-market-news3 application-with-discount-wall-street-for-business-finance-economy-and-market-news3

aplikace-se-slevou-wall-street-pro-business-finance-economy-and-market-news4 application-with-discount-wall-street-for-business-finance-economy-and-market-news4 +2 Photos

aplikace-se-slevou-wall-street-pro-business-finance-economy-and-market-news5 application-with-discount-wall-street-for-business-finance-economy-and-market-news5
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IAudioGate on your iPhone or iPad will serve as a solid music player that offers plenty of gadgets. You can customize the equalizer itself according to the songs currently playing, and you can also watch the lyrics in real time.


aplikace-se-slevou-iaudiogate4 discounted-iaudiogate4 application

aplikace-se-slevou-iaudiogate3 iaudiogate3 application-at-discount

aplikace-se-slevou-iaudiogate2 discount-application-iaudiogate2

aplikace-se-slevou-iaudiogate1 discount-application-iaudiogate1
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Sleep Well Baby – Hairdryer

If you have a small child, you have certainly noticed that he simply did not want to sleep, kept crying and could not calm him down. Sleep Well Baby – Hairdryer, which offers three proven sleep sounds, should address this issue. These include the classic hair dryer, the sound of the clothes dryer and the lullaby Sleep, Baby Sleep. However, you should not use the application too often, as the child may become dependent on it.


aplikace-se-slevou-sleep-well-baby-hairdryer4 application-with-discount-sleep-well-baby-hairdryer4

aplikace-se-slevou-sleep-well-baby-hairdryer3 application-discount-sleep-well-baby-hairdryer3

aplikace-se-slevou-sleep-well-baby-hairdryer2 application-discount-sleep-well-baby-hairdryer2

aplikace-se-slevou-sleep-well-baby-hairdryer1 application-discount-sleep-well-baby-hairdryer1
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Nova Slash

In Nova Slash you find yourself in the role of a hero named Noven, who was endowed with the power of a dying star. This makes you lightly radioactive and almost invincible. In the game, the government instructs you to find a decent shelter in the next town, sending out the assassins. Can you handle them?


aplikace-se-slevou-nova-splash1 discount-application-nova-splash1

aplikace-se-slevou-nova-splash2 discount-application-nova-splash2

aplikace-se-slevou-nova-splash3 discount-application-nova-splash3

aplikace-se-slevou-nova-splash4 application-with-discount-nova-splash4 +3 Photos

aplikace-se-slevou-nova-splash5 discount-application-nova-splash5

aplikace-se-slevou-nova-splash6 discount-application-nova-splash6
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Gymster Weight Lifting Log

If you're working out and you're tired of exercising on the same schedule, you might want to try Gymster + Weight Lifting Log. This application can analyze your training, compile a training plan and provide you with valuable information based on your entered data.


aplikace-se-slevou-gymster-plus-weight-lifting-log7 application-with-discount-gymster-plus-weight-lifting-log7

aplikace-se-slevou-gymster-plus-weight-lifting-log2 application-with-discount-gymster-plus-weight-lifting-log2

aplikace-se-slevou-gymster-plus-weight-lifting-log3 application-with-discount-gymster-plus-weight-lifting-log3

aplikace-se-slevou-gymster-plus-weight-lifting-log4 application-with-discount-gymster-plus-weight-lifting-log4 +4 Photos

aplikace-se-slevou-gymster-plus-weight-lifting-log5 application-with-discount-gymster-plus-weight-lifting-log5

aplikace-se-slevou-gymster-plus-weight-lifting-log6 application-with-discount-gymster-plus-weight-lifting-log6

aplikace-se-slevou-gymster-plus-weight-lifting-log1 application-with-discount-gymster-plus-weight-lifting-log1
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Are you a man and have you ever wondered what your emoticon would look like if you were a woman? This is exactly what the GirlMojiX application, which uses the TrueDepth camera from iPhone X and later, can translate your face into a girl's emoticon.


aplikace-se-slevou-girlmojix1 application-with-discount-girlmojix1

aplikace-se-slevou-girlmojix2 application-with-discount-girlmojix2

aplikace-se-slevou-girlmojix3 application-with-discount-girlmojix3
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Fotografie Reality

As most people know nowadays, models and models are in most cases embellished on magazine covers, for example, using the popular Adobe Photoshop. Photo Reality can detect these changes using artificial intelligence.


aplikace-se-slevou-photo-reality1 application-with-discount-photo-reality1

aplikace-se-slevou-photo-reality2 application-with-discount-photo-reality2

aplikace-se-slevou-photo-reality3 application-with-discount-photo-reality3

aplikace-se-slevou-photo-reality4 application-with-discount-photo-reality4 +2 Photos

aplikace-se-slevou-photo-reality5 application-with-discount-photo-reality5
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