7 ways to share your iPhone and Mac together in continuity

If you own a single device from Apple, believe me, you haven't discovered the magic of the apple ecosystem yet. The real nut always comes only when you buy a second device, or any other. Whatever you start doing on one device, you can immediately continue this activity on the other device. So, for example, if you open the Notes application on your iPhone, you can easily move to it immediately on your Mac – and that's how it works in many other cases. This whole feature, which allows you to easily continue working on another device, is called continuity. And it is this continuity and general synchronization that makes Apple devices what they are. Let's take a look at 7 ways in which you can share your iPhone and Mac, or iPad and Apple Watch, in continuity.

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Copy and paste across devices

Whatever you copy on your device is saved to a clipboard. This mailbox is a kind of space that is reserved in memory and stores the contents or data that you copy. This data is stored here until you replace it with other data. Whenever you execute a command to paste the copied content or data, it will be pasted from the mentioned clipboard. Surely you've ever been in a situation where you copied some content to one device and then wanted to paste it to another device. The good news is that this option exists with Apple devices. So all you have to do is copy the content on one device and then paste it on the other. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste. In this case (and many others) it is necessary to have an active handoff – see below.

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Continue with the tasks in progress

If you have an active Handoff on your device, you can easily continue working on work in progress on another device. So, for example, if you open a specific note in the Notes application on the iPhone, you can easily and quickly open it, for example, on a Mac, which is useful, for example, if you need a larger desktop. If you want to open a note (or messages, etc.) from your iPhone on your Mac, all you have to do is move to it on your iPhone. Then pay attention to the Dock on the Mac, which is located at the bottom of the screen. The Notes application (or other) should appear here with an iPhone icon, which you can just tap. Immediately after, the application will open and you can continue working.

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Use AirDrop to share

One of the very important features I won't allow on Apple devices is AirDrop. Some individuals might say that this is classic Bluetooth, which is available to other competing devices. But the opposite is true in this case. AirDrop is incredibly fast and you don't have to wait for practically anything. Even when transferring larger or more data, you don't have to wait long – AirDrop is many times faster than conventional Bluetooth transmission. AirDrop uses a different way to transfer data, and in order to use it across devices, you need to have Wi-Fi active on them in addition to Bluetooth. But it's definitely worth it, in addition to what we lie about, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are now permanently active in virtually every one of us.

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Listening to music

If you are a Spotify user, then I have an absolutely perfect tip for you, which is related to continuity. If you start playing some music on a Mac, for example, then you can control the playback on your iPhone or Apple Watch, for example. This is useful if, for example, you run away from your Mac for a while and you need to quickly turn down the volume or pause playback completely in another room. You don't have to run anywhere, just open the Spotify application on your iPhone or Apple Watch and control the music here. In addition, you can easily change on which device the music is to be played on any device.

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Opening websites

As with apps, you can simply continue browsing the web across your devices, if you're using Safari. So if you're on a Safari website on a Mac and decide to continue browsing it on your iPhone, all you have to do is open the application switcher, then tap the Mac's Safari panel at the bottom. To do this on a Mac, all you have to do is go to the Safari home page, then locate the Z: Device Name section below, such as Z: MacBook Pro. Alternatively, as with Notes, you can tap Safari with the iPhone icon in the Dock.

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Inserting documents into Notes

If you are an iPhone or iPad owner, you may not have turned on the scanner at all for a long time. The apple phone and tablet have a built-in scanner, which is fast and high quality. So before you turn on the classic scanner, you will have a document scanned and signed on your iPhone and iPad. If you're writing a note in the Notes app on your Mac and need to insert a document into it, right-click in its body. Then, at the bottom of the menu that appears, pay attention to the options under the name of your iPhone or iPad. Click Scan Documents here. Then a scanning interface will appear on your apple phone or tablet, in which you only need to scan documents. When the scan is complete, the document will appear in a note on your Mac.

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Make and receive calls on your Mac

Did you know that you can call anyone on your Mac or receive a call from your iPhone? Again, this is not difficult, you just need to have this feature enabled in both macOS and iOS. On a Mac, go to FaceTime, then tap Preferences in the top bar. Here, go to Settings and activate Calls from iPhone. On the apple phone, go to Settings -> Phone -> On other devices, where you activate the function and select the devices on which calls can be received. On a Mac, you can then call someone via FaceTime, then answer the call via a notification that appears in the upper right corner of the screen if someone calls you.

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