9 functions introduced in the HomePod mini, which will be experienced in the classic HomePod

At the beginning of this week, specifically on Tuesday, October 13, in addition to the introduction of four new "twelve", we also saw the new HomePod mini. Even though it has not yet started selling, it has become very popular among users. Unlike the larger original HomePod, its mini version has come with several new features that are definitely worth it. The good news is that these new features will also feature the original HomePod, which fortunately will not be left behind. Let's take a look at the 9 functions that the original HomePod will see, following the example of the HomePod mini.

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One of the best features that Apple has introduced with the advent of the mini version of the HomePod is the Intercom. The apple company assumes that you will buy HomePodis mini for your home right away, several, ideally each in one room, to which the price is also adjusted. With Intercom, home members will be able to send messages across all HomePods and other Apple devices. This means that if, for example, you are going on a trip with your family, all you have to do is tell one of the HomePods, or even your iPhone, that it will be moving slowly. This message is then distributed to all members of the household and played. It will be played on the HomePods in practically real time, and an audio message will be displayed on other personal devices, which you will be able to play.

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Play music from third-party applications

With the advent of the HomePod mini, Apple's smart speaker users will finally see support for third-party streaming applications. This means that on your HomePods you will finally be able to play and use Siri to control music from Pandora or Amazon Music as well. Then there is also support for radio stations iHeartRadio, Radio.com and TuneIn. Unfortunately, Apple did not comment in any way on whether the Spotify service will be supported in the same way on HomePods – so only time will tell. Support for other applications will then increase over time.

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Wake up to your favorite music

It's hard to say why the apple company hasn't added this feature to HomePod before. However, we've finally had it and your HomePod or HomePod mini will be able to wake you up with an alarm clock, on which you can set your own song. In addition to the song, you can set to play the entire playlist, album, or favorite Apple Music station. It is not yet certain whether you will be able to select a song for the alarm clock from a third-party application as well, but Apple Music support is certain.

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Web search

Siri's voice assistant can answer a myriad of different questions you may have. Siri is able to draw a lot of information, especially from Wikipedia. However, if the answer from this portal does not satisfy you and you request Siri to "dig deeper" search the web, then at the moment they will answer that she is unfortunately unable to do so. With the arrival of the HomePod mini and the upcoming update, Siri will send any more complex requests to your iPhone, get an answer, and then play it back to you.

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Continuity with Maps

If you watched Tuesday's apple conference closely, you could notice the continuity features with the native Maps application with the introduction of the HomePod mini. Thanks to it, you will be able to prepare a certain route at home, using the HomePod. This route will then automatically appear in your vehicle in CarPlay, in the native Maps application. Unfortunately, Apple did not say much more about this feature. It is also uncertain whether this feature will not be available for third-party navigation applications, but we sincerely doubt it.

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Multi-user support for Podcasts

Last year, Apple added a feature to its smart speaker that allows it to recognize the voice of individual users. As a result, different household members can communicate with Siri individually. So it doesn't happen that your dear half could play your music, for example, and vice versa, of course. The good news is that voice recognition can now be integrated with other applications, not just music. Specifically, users can use individual Calendars, Notes, and Messages. Unfortunately, individual Podcasts were missing for a long time, which will change with the arrival of the HomePod mini and updates. Finally, individual users will also be able to watch their favorite podcasts individually.

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Pavel Jelič October 14, 2020 1

Personal summary of the day

With the help of voice recognition, the HomePody will now also be able to communicate their personal summary of the day individually to household members. The user will be able to ask Siri on the HomePod to tell him his summary of the day. In this case, Siri recognizes the voice again and gives an individual summary. This means that HomePod does not give you a summary of another household member, but yours. This summary includes weather information, news, traffic, reminders, tasks, events, and more.

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Home theatre

Even though the HomePod mini is just over 8 inches in height, you don't have to worry about the sound transmission being bland. Even so, in this case, size plays a role, and in this case, only the larger HomePod will benefit from the update. It will later offer support for 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos modes if you pair it with Apple TV. This is because the larger HomePod, unlike the mini version, offers advanced surround sound. The good news is that you'll still be able to connect two HomePody minies to stereo with your Apple TV, just like the larger original HomePody.

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"Mix" in stereo mode

If you are wondering if it will be possible to "mix" HomePod and HomePod mini into stereo mode, then unfortunately not. The speakers must be the same for the correct stereo mode. Of course, you can use two classic HomePody or two smaller HomePody mini to create a stereo. In addition, it should be noted that the mini version of the HomePod, thanks to the U1 chip, will offer animation when you zoom in on the iPhone and the control will be displayed immediately. Unfortunately, HomePod does not get this function, as it does not have a U1 chip. It should be noted that only users with iPhones 11 and newer will be able to use this function.

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