9 great easter eggs by Apple

If you are a staunch fan of the apple company, you have already noticed a few times that it is definitely not one of the companies that can not make fun. This is proven by various easter eggs, which are found in the systems themselves, but also on the presentation of news every year. If you hear the term “easter egg” for the first time, it is a kind of funny hidden function or something that can be depicted in various forms. It is most commonly found in computer games, but at Apple, easter eggs are often used in the form of application icons or, for example, in the aforementioned presentations. Let's take a look at the 11 biggest easter eggs ever made by Apple in this history.

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Dictaphone app icon



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If you look at the Diktaforn icon on your iPhone or Mac, you probably won't find anything strange about it. But now move to the app, start uploading and say "Apple." If you compare the recorded audio graph with the Dictaphone icon, you will find that they are very similar. So the Dictaphone icon is created from the recorded audio, in which the person says the word "Apple".

Think Different campaign




Think Different icon
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Apple's Think Different advertising campaign is one of the most legendary campaigns in the world. If you watched it, you were sure to read "Here’s to the crazy ones." The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers… ”Despite the fact that this campaign has been over 17 years old, it is still mentioned in the operating systems. Until recently, when you opened TextEdit on a Mac, you might notice a paper on which the aforementioned sentence was written. Unfortunately, this icon has already been replaced, but just send someone the emoji books. If you zoom in on emoji, the text from the Think Different campaign is on the pages of the book again.

Blue screen of death




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Today Apple and Microsoft are among the most valuable companies in the world. Even though there is a rivalry between them, it is definitely not something bad. In the final, both companies have a fairly friendly relationship, but for healthy rivalry, of course, can not miss a little needling. In MacOS, if you move to the Network section of the Finder and have at least one computer running Windows, the device icon will appear as a computer with a blue death screen.

Encoded message for video from the last conference


Apple fired perfectly from Microsoft yesterday's Keynote. See how

All about Apple


One of the last easter eggs is only a few weeks old. It appeared on the occasion of the introduction of the iPhone 11 and other devices, specifically in the short video summary that appeared on YouTube. At some point in this presentation, a blue screen of death will appear for a fraction of a second, featuring a classically readable message to all apple company fans. Below it is another message, but it is coded in the binary system. If you want to know what is in this report, you can read a more detailed article that we devoted to this easter egg. You can find it next to this paragraph.

Steve Jobs's glasses

Throughout the apple ecosystem, the Safari web browser has the option of storing web pages in a so-called Reading List. The Reading List icon is in the form of glasses. But if you look at these glasses, don't you find them familiar? That's what Apple's founder and former CEO Steve Jobs wore.

easter eggy from apple

Incomplete downloads



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If you are downloading a file on a Mac, you may notice an interesting thing when downloading it. The date for the Created property is set to January 24, 1984. However, this is not a random date – Steve Jobs introduced the first Macintosh ever.

Maps icon



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Apple maps have been getting better and better in recent years, but they still miss a few things and features to catch up with the competition. Before you move to Maps and want to set up navigation, pause over the Maps icon. Again, this is not a thoughtlessly created image. The 280 is definitely not fictional, but vice versa – it crosses Cupertino, California, where both the former Apple campus and the new Infinity Loop campus are located. A piece of circle on the top right corner? After all, Apple Park's main campus, to which Apple recently moved. After all, that's why he recently changed the Maps icon to this one.

Profile icon in macOS



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When creating a profile in macOS, you can set your profile avatar. If you do not choose your own photo, you can use canned avatars. One of them shows a vinyl record – if you zoom in on it, you will find that it has “track names” on it – Magic, Revolution, Boom! and Unbelievable. Don't you recognize these words by accident? They are written on the record because they were very often used by Steve Jobs to introduce new products at apple conferences.

Funny facts in Terminal




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Every person should know at least a little about the history of the world. If you simply want to see some historical facts on your Mac, you don't even need to use Safari to search. Interesting facts can be found directly in the terminal – just enter the command (without quotation marks) “cat /usr/share/calendar/calendar.history”. Then press Enter to confirm and several historical facts will appear in the Terminal window.

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