A magazine signed by Steve Jobs is heading to the auction, and an interesting story is attached to it

The various items, signed by Apple personalities, are grateful attractions of all possible auctions. Of course, objects that can boast the signature of Steve Jobs himself are considered to be particularly valuable. A copy of Forutne magazine, signed by Jobs, is up for auction this week. On the front page of the mentioned issue there is Jobs' portrait, the starting price of the magazine is 11 thousand dollars (in terms of roughly 246 thousand crowns). In addition, the magazine also has an interesting story that is quite typical of Jobs.

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Pavel Vařenka

March 26, 2020


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Items signed by Steve Jobs are becoming increasingly rare in auctions. It is not easy in recent years to come across an item that is provided with the aforementioned signature and, in addition, is in good condition, and the price of the auctioned items corresponds to this. Last year, for example, a floppy disk with Jobs' signature was auctioned for $ 84,000 (about 1.8 million crowns), and the price of a signed poster from Pixar climbed to $ 31,000 (approximately 693,000 crowns) at auction. The issue of Fortune magazine, which will go on auction this Thursday, dates from the time when Jobs worked at NeXT. The issue came out shortly after Jobs founded NeXT. The signature is printed in characteristic lower case letters dedicated to "Terry". The original owner of the signed magazine was a former driver. He worked for the company Jobs was traveling with – for several years before Terry asked Autograph for an autograph. At the time of signing, Terry worked for a limousine company. Jobs signed for Terry, but immediately contacted his breadwinner by phone to complain properly at Terry's request. The authenticity of the signature has been notarized and the signed magazine also includes the relevant certificate of authenticity.

You can watch the auction details online here.

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