A real photo of the Apple Watch Series 6 battery has appeared

Although there is not much to hear about the new generation of Apple Watch, it is generally expected that it will arrive this fall with the new iPhones. This theory has now been de facto confirmed by Apple itself, as it has had a new battery for its smartwatch certified by Korean certification authorities. And since he added a real photo to his database in addition to basic information, we can get acquainted with this component well in advance.

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The new battery, which Apple had certified, has a capacity of 303.8 mAh and is marked A2327. Compared to the battery from the Apple Watch Series 4 and 5, it is slightly larger – older models are equipped with batteries with a capacity of 296 mAh. Although this is a slight increase at first glance, it could be known in a certain way with such a small battery. Apple apparently achieved greater capacity with an overall increase in battery, which could confirm that the Force 6 will not arrive on the Series 6 – pressure display control, which needed a special layer for its functionality. Removing it logically created a place inside the watch that Apple can use to enlarge the battery.

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Jiří Filip

July 31, 2020


In addition to longer battery life, the Apple Watch Series 6 is also expected to be able to monitor blood oxygen levels, which should give users an even better view of their health. Of course, there is an increase in performance, which is reflected in the software functions of the watch. We will probably find out what else the Apple Watch Series 6 could bring thanks to leaks in the coming weeks.

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