A well-known game character from Playstation invades Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact from the Chinese studio miHoYo burst onto the game scene last summer like a bolt from the blue. The thunder has stabilized slightly since its inception, but the game still generates huge profits, which can be mainly due to its mobile version, which does not match the form of the game, which you can find on large platforms. Recently, the game upgraded to version 2.0. For the first time, it brought a huge new region, a lot of new characters and, most importantly, moved the story a bit further. Just a few days after the big update, the developers announce what the first big collaboration in this version of the game will look like. It will be nothing less than a collaboration with the Playstation itself. In Genshin Impact, you can soon look forward to the main heroine of Horizon: Zero Dawn, the fighting game Aloy.

Aloy will first be able to add players on consoles from Playstation to their team during update 2.1. Shortly afterwards, after the update to version 2.2, we will also see Apple phones and tablets. Acquisition of Aloy will be conditioned by reaching rank 20 and together with it it will be possible to acquire a four-star weapon in the form of its characteristic bow. We don't know yet if we will see any other elements from Horizon in the game. Sony marketers have definitely not kept in check lately and are expanding their licenses to the widest possible audience. In addition to adding Aloy to Genshin Impact, this is supported by the gradual addition of playstation characters to the popular Fortnite or rumors that games from Sony could appear on Netflix's newly introduced game streaming service.

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