Access control – these possibilities exist

Make your home and company safer thanks to access control

Security components such as electronic door locks can replace keys and protect the home from intruders. Another advantage is the allocation of access authorizations so that it is always clear who came in last. There are various ways in which private individuals or small and medium-sized companies can implement access rights and secure the door.

What are the different options for access control?

There are numerous electronic security systems. The security experts from ABUS in particular have established themselves on the market and offer various locking technologies and systems. Using three solutions, we will show you what access control options there are.

ABUS wAppLoxx Pro – three access controls for more security

The security system wAppLoxx Pro from ABUS is suitable for small and medium-sized companies. Users have a total of three options to choose from:

The security system wAppLoxx Pro from ABUS, for example, offers access control via transponder

The security system wAppLoxx Pro from ABUS, for example, offers access control via transponder


App: Using the wAppLoxx app (Android | iOS), access rights can be assigned in real time to employees who also have the app installed on their smartphone. Doors can also be opened remotely via remote access. Connected to a compatible surveillance camera, it is possible to see who is currently in front of the door. For example, if the parcel service is involved, they can be let in and their delivery can be parked in the hallway. An encrypted, local connection via LAN is also an advantage of wAppLoxx Pro. Logged events can be viewed via app or web connection and thus you can see who last gained access.

Transponder: The RFID transponders work via electromagnetic waves and open the wAppLoxx Pro locking system without contact. Transponders are robust and resemble key fobs. As a haptic component, transponders, like keys, can be lost, but it is possible for users to withdraw locking permission from certain transponders. This means that they are no longer suitable for opening the door and the locking system does not need to be changed.

Card: Users can also assign locking authorization using cards. This works in a similar way to transponders. Locking authorizations can be granted and blocked again quickly, so that a loss also has no serious consequences. The lock or even the system do not have to be replaced in this case, as would otherwise be the case with keys. The access control works very precisely because each card is assigned to a person.

The wAppLoxx Pro solution enables comprehensive access management for up to 32 doors and 500 users. Access authorizations can be managed and checked using software or an app. There are no subscription costs for using the web-based security system.

ABUS CodeLoxx – access control by code and number ring

It's not just a metaphor: your home should be protected as well as a safe. The locking cylinders from the ABUS CodeLoxx series offer exactly that, because the core element is a number ring. Family members get access with a 4 or 6 digit code. It is opened using the rotating knob. This example is particularly suitable for private users.

With ABUS CodeLoxx, residents open the door with a number ring and thus replace conventional keys

With ABUS CodeLoxx, residents open the door with a number ring and thus replace conventional keys


This access control option also replaces conventional keys that can no longer be lost. There is no need for an expensive locksmith if the door closes.

However, for those who find it difficult to say goodbye to a haptic component such as a key, ABUS offers two alternative door opening options. As with ABUS wAppLoxx Pro, there is a transponder or, alternatively, a chip key, which is also required for programming codes and number combinations.

ABUS security fitting SLT – security thanks to protective element and access via keyboard

The ABUS SLT security fitting combines security with convenience. It offers extra protection against drilling or similar attempts at manipulation and, like CodeLoxx, can be opened by entering a PIN. However, there is no number ring available here, but a keyboard. The security fitting is trained in just a few steps for various codes that can be deleted just as quickly. In order not to arouse the curiosity of burglars in the first place, there is a cover that users can slide over the keyboard.

Thanks to a cover, users can hide the keypad of the ABUS security fitting SLT inconspicuously

Thanks to a cover, users can hide the keypad of the ABUS security fitting SLT inconspicuously


Thanks to the PIN assignment, trusted people can be allowed into the house even when they are absent. For example, the neighbors to water the flowers while on vacation. If the family returns, the access authorization for the neighbor can be deleted and the number combination is no longer used to open the door.

Electronic access controls – these are the advantages

Knowing that your family and your own belongings or your company's premises are safe is one of the greatest strengths of electrical locking systems. Further advantages are:

Anyone who wants to can use electronic access control to replace the classic key that is easily lost. Web-based logs to see who was last in the house, apartment or company. More security and convenience. No more "black" keys , d. H. Illegal key copies that the owner and tenant do not know about. No locksmith required if the door closes. No cylinder exchange necessary if the locking option is lost. Access rights can easily be withdrawn and deleted. With access control via app and in combination with a surveillance camera, it can be checked who is at the door and the visitor, e.g. Parcel deliverers or tradespeople can be let in from a distance, if necessary. Temporary access rights such as PIN codes for neighbors during the vacation. ABUS solutions are compatible with ABUS alarm systems: if the door is locked, the alarm system can be activated at the same time .Selection of cylinders compatible with almost all doors. Easy-to-use solutions, even for children. Possibly. contactless transponders can be used without problems.

Conclusion on the possibilities of electronic access control

Our list shows that there are various options for electronic access control: via app, transponder, card, number ring on the cylinder or keyboard on the security fitting.

What all options have in common is that with little additional effort, numerous worries are a thing of the past. Companies do not need a thick bunch of keys, families do not have to throw themselves into expense and replace the locking system and cylinder if the children lose their house key on the way to school. In combination with surveillance cameras and alarm systems, access can also be granted to the postman or craftsman, for example, in absence – but intruders are caught red-handed.

With a surveillance camera, you can quickly check who is in front of the door using an app

With a surveillance camera, you can quickly check who is in front of the door using an app


Tip: The key does not need to be completely replaced. The ABUS experts offer alternative solutions with special security locks that are difficult to copy. If, for example, a key from an ABUS locking system is to be copied, this only works with the help of a sample key or with a security card and a personal code included in the scope of delivery. The security transaction or the order can only be forwarded and executed directly to ABUS once this has been submitted. This reduces the risk that strangers will illegally have a key copy made.

However, there is no electronic access control or automatic overview of how often a key has already been copied. We therefore recommend that you precisely log the transfer of the security card. Better still: the change to the presented options for electronic access control.

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