Add a Keynote on which Apple will introduce the iPhone 13 with a single click to the calendar

So we finally had it. A while ago, Apple sent out invitations to the media for its first autumn Keynote, at which it will present the first news intended for the end of this year. The most watched products that will appear on Keynote will be the new iPhones 13, which should complement the Apple Watch Series 7 and 3rd generation AirPods.

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Introducing the iPhone 13

Introduction of the iPhone 13: Apple announced when it will unveil new iPhones, Apple Watch and other news


Jiří Filip

13 hours ago


If you plan to watch an event and don't want to miss it, then you can easily add it to your calendar with one click and your iPhone, iPad or Mac will notify you a few minutes before the start. Just click here and the Apple Event will be automatically added to your calendar. However, you need to open the link via the Safari web browser and not via Facebook. Otherwise, the event will not be added to the calendar.

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Introducing the iPhone 13

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