Aegis Authenticator: OTP app with update

We have often reported about OTP apps here on the blog. It is now the case that some password managers can also generate OTP codes, but this is not the case for all and many users want to save the username / password separately from the one-time password.

As already mentioned, there are a few apps. The Google Authenticator recently received an update, the Microsoft Authenticator is also becoming a really "big" solution with a password manager – and now we want to point out an update of the Android app Aegis Authenticator, which can be found in the Google Play Store or at F-Droid.

We have already presented the open source app itself. In case you missed that at the time: The Aegis Authenticator also manages your one-time passwords for two-factor authentication. The OTP app also supports unlocking via a fingerprint or a face scan if desired.

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You can export the database and later import it to another device. The Aegis Authenticator also allows users to import AndOTP and FreeOTP databases, making it easier for them to switch to Aegis.

The innovations include the automatic deletion of the database when the Ripple panic button is pressed, and the improved export of the vault now also works with Nextcloud – and the automatic lock can now also be better adapted.

So if you don't find your previous OTP app so good, then with the Aegis Authenticator you have a worthwhile alternative that is worth trying out.

Aegis Authenticator - Two Factor (2FA) app

Aegis Authenticator - Two Factor (2FA) app

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Aegis Authenticator – Two Factor (2FA) app

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