AirPlay 2 has been broken, and can be used with officially unsupported speakers

Music lovers who love to listen to their favorite songs on their own proven speakers have been eagerly waiting for AirPlay 2 to break – and waiting has paid off. Three developers working on the AirPlay 2 breakthrough have declared that they have breached AirPlay 2 protection. This announcement has appeared on the GitHub portal and says, “Guys… are you ready? Finally, I can confirm that AirPlay 2 is working, including multi-room mode! Audio stream can be received, decrypted and decoded! ”

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  Amaya Tomanová Dec 4, 2019 0

Apple uses a special protocol to transmit audio that allows only Apple-licensed devices to receive audio from AirPlay 2. This protocol has been broken, which means that iOS users can use any speakers to transmit audio through AirPlay 2. All they need to connect is a small computer in the form of Raspberry Pi, which will run an application designed to receive and decode AirPlay 2. (complete instructions here) However, breaking the protocol is, according to one of the developers, only the first step to success. The three developers will now have to program the application above: “The code I created is just a prototype written in Python and is not intended for the general public. But we will definitely do the whole process, ”said one of the developers.




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The first version of AirPlay has been broken for a long time and there are various applications, including shairport-sync, which you can use to stream music to Apple's unlicensed speakers. Playing music on multiple sources is also available in AirPlay 1, but only through iTunes. With the possibility of streaming to multiple sources using iOS came up AirPlay 2. AirPlay feature is very demanded by many users and when buying speakers, many of them look just whether they support it. These speakers are, of course, more expensive, so some users prefer to buy a speaker without AirPlay, and then "encode" it using an application.

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