AirPods 3: Everything we know about them so far

Tomorrow, according to relatively bold speculation circulating on the Internet, we should see the unveiling of a new generation of AirPods headphones. This is specifically the third generation of the basic model, which had its premiere in 2016 as a recommended accessory for the then first "jackless" iPhone – iPhone 7. Although at the moment, of course, we can not say with absolute certainty that tomorrow We will really see the new AirPods, it is definitely not out of place to refresh all the information we know about this news, so that we are potentially less surprised tomorrow.

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Appearance of AirPods 3

It would be a bit of an exaggeration to say that although the new AirPods headphones will look different from their previous models, they will not be surprised by the design. This is because the past months have offered us an extreme number of different photo leaks from, among other things, Apple's supply chain, which was in charge of their test production. Thanks to this, we can already say that 3rd generation AirPods will look like AirPods Pro without their silicone plugs. It will therefore continue to be a stone-type headphone that will fit anyone with the 1st or 2nd generation.

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AirPods 3 fake 9 AirPods 3 fake 9

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Due to the adoption of the AirPods Pro design on the AirPods 3, we will have to say goodbye to the tapping control that many apple makers of previous generations of headphones perceived as revolutionary. It will be replaced by a pressure or, if you like, push-button stopwatch, which does not have such a futuristic impression, but is at least a little more reliable, according to our testing. The new design will ensure, among other things, that the headphones should fit a little better in the ears, as they will not "protrude" from them with as big a leg as they do now.

The charging case of the headphones will also be redesigned in a relatively large style. While now the difference between the case of classic AirPods and AirPods Pro is quite significant, with AirPods 3 this should no longer be the case. The shape of their case should be very close to the one that Apple uses for the AirPods Pro, although it will be narrower due to the absence of silicone plugs. Due to a different type of legs, it is necessary to take into account that AirPods 3 will go into it a bit worse than it is now with AirPods 1 and 2 with a straight leg. The intuitively pulled out headphones will probably end.

AirPods function 3

Unfortunately, Apple's new headphones don't seem to offer much in terms of functionality. In terms of functionality, it should be more or less a copy of their previous generations, although they will definitely receive support for Apple Music HiFi. You can also count on a better sound delivery or, for example, a longer battery life, although the past has shown us that it is possible to count on an increase in the order of half an hour, at most lower units of hours. So definitely do not have the illusion that the new AirPods headphones will last, for example, in the order of tens of hours – it is a bare sc-fi.

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3rd generation AirPods 3rd generation AirPods

AirPods 3rd generation AirPods 3rd generation

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3rd generation AirPods 3rd generation AirPods
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In the past, new generation AirPods have been widely speculated in the past about their possible ability to measure a user's heart rate and, ideally, other health metrics. However, as it seems from the leaked images, the new headphones will not receive any special sensors that would most likely be needed for something similar. Therefore, it does not make much sense to count on the use of AirPods as a medical device, although it would be absolutely amazing – at least for users who do not like Apple Watch for some reason. However, it must be acknowledged that similar technologies would only make sense if they do not have a negative effect on the endurance of the product, which is absolutely crucial for it.

Price AirPods 3

Since this is an entry-level model that will replace Apple's classic 2nd-generation AirPods (with both a wired charging case and a wireless charging case), it would be a mistake to expect a price at any level other than AirPods 2. The novelty will most likely be sold for around CZK 5,000, which is still a relatively friendly price – considering how much Apple charges for AirPods Max or Pro.

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AirPods 3 look "data-caption =" AirPods 3 look "> AIrPods 3 look AirPods 3 look

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Availability of AirPods 3

While the price can be clear quite well, there are big questions about availability. The whole world has been struggling for many months with an extreme shortage of chips, but also other components and raw materials for the production of (not only) electronics. After all, this crisis was supposed to force Apple to postpone the planned unveiling of new AirPods from the spring of autumn, as it was not able to secure sufficient stocks through its suppliers. So, if Apple introduces a new generation of AirPods tomorrow (or in the coming days or weeks), it wouldn't be absolutely surprising if headphones were an extremely scarce commodity for several long months.

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