AirPods Pro is scheduled to be released on Tuesday or Wednesday

AirPods Pro knocking on the door louder and louder. It results at least from fresh information leak Benjamin Geskin, who shared it on his Twitter. Several sources had to confirm that Apple is ready this week to introduce a new generation of its wireless headphones relatively quietly.

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AirPods Pro comes in 8 colors. Which will it be?

AirPods Pro

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Although the design and features of the new AirPods are to differ significantly from previous generations, Apple reveals them to the world through a classic press release, as was the case with the previous generation. On the day of its unveiling, it will present the news to selected journalists directly at its headquarters. According to Geskin, all lucky people should already have invitations to Apple's offices, but they are strictly forbidden to talk about them so that the public does not officially know about the novel until its introduction. This should take place either on Tuesdays or Wednesday, with the first option being more likely. On Wednesday, Apple is scheduled to announce its financial results for the past quarter and is therefore not expected to make any further interesting steps on that day.

About AirPods Pro, what will be the name of the new headphones, in the past weeks has leaked to light the world relatively much. We know, for example, that Apple wants to set their price at about 7 thousand crowns, but also that we should wait for eight color variants. Headphones will bring a significantly changed shape, thanks to which they will be able to offer active suppression of ambient noise, but also for example water resistance. There is also speculation about a significant improvement in the sound or its endurance, which would certainly please many apple-treeers. However, we will be clear in the next few hours or days.

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