Alexa routines now also available on Fire TV

Alexa routines now also available on Fire TV

Routines offer smart home users the opportunity to link Alexa features with the functions of other intelligent devices and control them centrally. In combination with a Fire TV, completely new entertainment and convenience options are created. Because customers can e.g. create a routine that pauses media content as soon as a user says: "Alexa, I'll get myself a snack." As an additional component of this routine, e.g. the command "Ok – now back to the broadcast" to continue playback.

The Fire TV device can also be switched on or off and certain apps can be opened via Alexa Routine. Even after a movie night, routines help avoid unnecessary manipulations: E.g. by storing in their Alexa that after the command “Alexa, time to go to bed”, all lights should be dimmed down and the shutters should be closed.

What are the requirements for using Alexa routines on Fire TV?

Switching the TV on and off via Alexa Routine: This works best with models that support HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control). Integrate Fire TV into routine: Fire TV devices can only be used in a routine if they are also linked to Alexa in the Alexa app. If this does not yet apply to your device, open “More” and then navigate to “Settings” followed by “TV and Video.” Finally, “Fire TV” must be selected. Available actions: Which routines are available for selection in Alexa App can be viewed on the setup page for routines.

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