Allegedly leaked images of the iPhone 9 from Apple's Web are circulating the Internet

The new iPhone 9 is the number one theme in Apple's world in recent days. No wonder that any magazine or people trying to set the trend for the Apple community want to "warm up their soup". This is one of the reasons why Apple has started to appear on the Internet in large screen shots, allegedly depicting Apple's official website already on the iPhone 9 offer. If you found them and believed them, we have bad news for you.

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Jiří Filip 3 hours 15 minutes ago

Although we have seen in the past that Apple has leaked official product images of its upcoming hardware before it was introduced, this time it has not. The seemingly leaked images do not come from any verified sources (even though they caused a very good fuss on the Internet), but they also began to spread suspiciously, especially in the past few days, with the biggest boom coming yesterday – April. This already greatly undermines their credibility, even if their creators wish the exact opposite. However, it did not deter some believers from believing.


Fake iPhone 9 fake-iphone-91

Fake iPhone 9 fake-iphone-92

Fake iPhone 9 fake-iphone-93
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Apple did not announce the official launch date of the iPhone 9 and it is expected that it will not. However, from very trustworthy sources of leak Jon Prosser, the world has known for a few tens of hours that the show should take place via a press release on April 15, with the phone arriving on the shelves on April 22. So if you can't wait for it now, start cutting the meter slowly. A change in this term seems very unlikely given the credibility of the leakers and the quality of their resources.

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