Although the iPad Air 4 was only officially shown yesterday, Logitech has already managed to introduce a new keyboard for it.

Yesterday's keynote may have been a disappointment to someone. Although it has been rumored that Apple will not really introduce the new iPhones, hope always dies last. But Tim Cook took this from us in one of his first sentences, when he said that the conference will revolve around Apple Watch and iPads. Although we will have to wait for the iPhones for some Friday, there was still a lot to see. The company showed the world the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, iPad Air 4th generation and iPad 8th generation. Software news is not far behind as Apple unveils Fitness + and Apple One packages. Almost immediately after the announcement, third-party accessories were discovered for some devices.

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This is Logitech, which showed Folio Touch just hours after the unveiling of the 4th generation iPad Air. That is, a keyboard with backlit keys and a trackpad that allows you to make the most of the iPad Air's potential. The great news is that the trackpad easily handles the gestures contained in the iPadOS. The accessories are made of soft gray fabric, which will also serve as a cover or base. Due to the fact that the Logitech Folio Touch attaches to the Smart Connector, it does not need to be charged. For just $ 160, it's a very interesting alternative to the classic Apple Magic Keyboard. Logitech will begin selling these accessories in October. It will be available both on the Logitech website and in Apple's online store. How do you like the alternative?

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