Alza started selling its own screwdrivers for electronics repairs at unbeatable prices

Commercial message: If you are looking for a set of tools for repairing (not only) electronics, we have a great tip for you. Alza has relatively recently included in its offer its own sets of AlzaPower brand tools, containing practically everything you need for repairs of phones, tablets, computers or other objects. And what is the best? Their price is simply great.


Source: Editorial Flight Around the World Apple

There are currently three sets available, which differ in equipment. While in two you will find "only" a classic manual screwdriver, the third set contains an electric screwdriver, which will make your work easier during assembly. As for the workshop processing of sets as such, it is, according to reviews, at a very high level, which makes it a pleasure to work with it. And the prices? For the cheapest you pay only 309 CZK, for the most expensive with an electric screwdriver then 909 CZK. In short and well, there is something to stand for.

AlzaPower tool sets can be purchased here

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