Amazfit GTR review-a combination of tech and classic

People who like wearing watches are always having high expectations for smartwatches. They want a product with both the features of classic and tech products. However, the unique elements of electronics like rubber straps and plastics are not welcomed by those people. So Huami launched their new Amazfit GTR smartwatch. Amazfit GTR combines the convenience of smart devices with the metal and leather features of traditional watches. So no doubt, Amazfit GTR will bring us a completely new experience this time. Before I had a short review for Amazfit GTR. This time I will go deeper for it. So let’s check out my review for it: Amazfit GTR review-a combination of tech and classic

1. Appearance

Amazfit GTR review-a combination of tech and classic

At present, there are two camps for smartwatches. They are the square dial represented by Apple watch and the round dial represented by Ticwatch. Amazfit GTR has a very classic round dial. And the traditional metal body is matched with the color. The micro-zirconium bezel makes Amazfit GTR full of the metal texture of the traditional watch. And the classic design is unique among smartwatches. You can definitely wear Amazfit GTR in a formal situation.

Amazfit GTR review-a combination of tech and classic
Amazfit GTR review-a combination of tech and classic

The Amazfit GTR has the same design with a classic watch. The overall design is simple and exquisite. It is very suitable for business occasions and it is also suitable for sports occasions. Wrapped in a brown leather outer layer is a comfortable and skin-friendly rubber material, which gives the Amazfit GTR a leather texture of the traditional watch wristband.

Amazfit GTR review-a combination of tech and classic

Amazfit GTR (47mm) uses a 1.39-inch AMOLED retina display with resolutions 454*454 and PPI 326. It has no particles at all. The surface glass is Corning Gorilla 3rd generation glass, which provides reliable water and scratch resistance under daily use. At the same time, the glass surface is also equipped with an anti-fingerprint AF coating. You can hardly leave a fingerprint on the glass.

Amazfit GTR review-a combination of tech and classic
Amazfit GTR review-a combination of tech and classic

2. Battery life

Amazfit GTR review-a combination of tech and classic

The biggest problem for smartwatches is battery life. Smart devices, whether smartphones or smartwears are striving to pursue a larger battery and better battery life. The pursuit of small and improved battery capacity has become the biggest contradiction. So how to control the power consumption of equipment has become what manufacturers are now pursuing. Amazfit GTR has been deeply optimized for longer battery life. Compared with the previous products, 24-hour standby power consumption is reduced by more than 80%. The use of AMOLED screens also greatly reduces power consumption. The power of sensors is also well-controlled. So Amazfit GTR finally achieves a maximum standby time of 74 days.

I have used a lot of smartwatches. The longest battery life is 1 week. Huami announced that Amazfit GTR has a 24 days battery life in daily use. In my actual use, from 10:00 am to 19:00 pm, the power dropped from 66% to the current 61%. And about 4% of the power is used by the firmware upgrade. So 9 hours of use only takes 1% to 2% battery. This is very amazing.

3. Gesture control

Amazfit GTR review-a combination of tech and classic

In the main interface of the system, from the top of the screen, this gesture is set as the setting switch. From the bottom to the top, it is the system secondary menu. The left and right strokes are quick card function interfaces such as step counting, heart rate, and Alipay. In the system secondary interface, from left to right is the return operation. You can find the compass, barometer, altitude display, weather movement record, card package in the interface. Amazfit GTR can even control the music play of the phone.

4. Watch faces

There are over 100 watch faces that you can choose. You can easily find one that fits you.

5. Other features


You can easily simulate your door card with NFC function. It is really convenient.

All-time health tracker

Amazfit GTR supports BioTracker PPG function. The bio-tracking sensor behind the watch dial can provide users with detailed 24-hour accurate heart rate monitoring. And it will automatically sense discriminate arrhythmia (including atrial fibrillation). For some special user, it is possible to prevent special situations from happening in real-time.


GPS+GLONASS dual star positioning from SONY provides an accurate track record for the watch. And if you like to swim, Amazfit GTR also supports 5ATM level waterproof. And it can automatically recognize the swimming movement, and draw the swimming track through the positioning data.

6. Summary

The biggest feature of Amazfit GTR smartwatch, I think it should be its unique traditional watch design and the long battery life of 24 days. The traditional metal body is matched with the sleek micro-zirconium bezel, which makes Amazfit GTR full of the metal texture of the traditional watch. It inherits the classic design but is very special. Whether it is outdoor sports or business occasions, you can wear it without any worry.

So what do you think of Amazfit GTR? Will you buy it when it launches?

7. Where to buy

You can buy it at, the price is $149.99


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  1. Does it have an ‘always on’ mode? (Not too familiar with smartwatches. I think the Amazfit Stratos has it)

    • Hi Omer,
      It’s a pity that Amazfit GTR does not have ‘always-on’ function. Each time you check the time you will have to light up the screen.

  2. Reply
    Cute Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend August 11, 2019 at 4:12 pm

    This seems like such a good idea, will have to take a look at it!

  3. Reply
    Signs You'Re With The Wrong Woman August 13, 2019 at 4:41 pm

    i love your blog and always like new things coming up from it.

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