Amazon Honeycode: develop applications without in-depth programming knowledge

Smartphone applications are becoming more and more popular and their programming is attracting more and more people. If creating mobile apps appeals to you and you'd like to try it out, but you're worried that you have no experience in this field, you may be pleased with Amazon's new project called Honeycode.

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Vratislav Holub

Feb 13, 2020


This platform aims to make the creation of mobile applications accessible to those who do not have the expertise in the field of programming. Amazon Honeycode works with support for Amazon Web Services. The service is currently available in beta test form in selected regions, and over time it should be available in more countries around the world. It offers users the opportunity to try creating applications using a special web tool with a simple interface, which should eliminate the occurrence of most complications that are usually associated with programming. Users will have a rich library of various templates, but they will also be able to create their own templates. Templates will include, for example, actions and tools for event planning, list creation, inventory and content management, and more. Amazon Web Services Vice President Larry Augustin said in this context that, according to customers, the demand for its own applications exceeds the real supply. "Thanks to Amazon Honeycode, everyone can now create their own powerful mobile and web applications without having to write code," he said. Amazon Honeycode will be available for free to up to 20 users, and subsequent capacity and option increases will be charged.

You can try Amazon Honeycode for free here.

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