American Airlines will run Apple TV + programs on its planes

The Apple TV + apple streaming platform is a black sheep in the services segment that can be viewed in basically only two ways. Some completely curse her and, compared to Netflix, she doesn't stand the slightest chance, while others lean to the side of the fans and claim that one day her time will come. Despite the expression of bad languages, however, Apple obviously believes in its service and is constantly trying to establish new partnerships that will get the platform into people's subconscious. One of these bold steps is the conclusion of cooperation with American Airlines, whose aircraft are equipped with an infotainment system, which informs passengers about the progress of the flight and at the same time offers them the opportunity to have fun on many hours of travel.

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Pavel Vařenka

July 28, 2020


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Apple TV + has thus officially joined the ranks of other streaming services available on aircraft, which is a relatively great honor for the apple company. Although the aviation industry has stopped somewhat and probably has a long time to go, it is still a great marketing move and a way to introduce the general public to Apple TV +. The only downside is the fact that this option will only apply to series such as The Morning Show, Dickinson or Defending Jacob. Unfortunately, the other images are unlucky and will be added to the menu gradually. However, it is definitely a good step forward and further access to the service, which has probably visited all major platforms, at least as far as the apple ecosystem is concerned. So all we have to do is wait for Apple to be inspired and try to establish more similar partnerships, as they will most likely get many passengers out of interest to reach for a subscription.

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