An iPhone similar to the iconic game Legend of Zelda has arrived on iPhones

Genshin Impact is a highly anticipated Japanese free-to-play action RPG that many people claim is a shameless clone of the last Zelda. Unfortunately, it is not easier to characterize the game with a smaller number of words. Genshin Impact is now available on all platforms, including iOS devices, and it's definitely worth imagining the game on that occasion.

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However, the developers are hard at work by the developers of copying the already classic game from Nintendo. At first glance, Genshin Impact impresses with its similar visual style and game systems, but as a whole it is completely unique. It is an adaptation of the famous manga series, telling the story of a world ruled by seven elemental gods. It is into this world that you are transported in the skin of the main heroine and her little sibling. You will have to go through a huge game world to find answers to questions about your true origin.

During the journey, you will collect more members into a growing battle group, which you will assemble to make ideal use of the game's combat system. It builds, like the whole world, on the combination and cooperation of individual elements. These have to work just like in the real world. You can gain an advantage over the enemy, for example, by using electric spells after wetting enemies with water magic. The team does not have to consist only of computer-controlled comrades-in-arms, you can also invite your own friends to the fight. Cooperative multiplayer allows the participation of up to four simultaneously fighting players.

You can download the game for free here

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