Analysis of news in new Apple OS: News in iOS 14

Proponents of the apple society can test new operating systems for several months, which will be officially available to the public in a few weeks. During that time, we have already brought you several different articles in which we look together at the news that is part of the new operating systems. We have already analyzed countless news from iOS and iPadOS 14, watchOS 7 and also macOS 11 Big Sur. As part of this particular article, we will look together at the news we have seen in iOS 14 in the native News app. Many of these innovations have been "ported" to Project macalyst 11 and Big Sur using Project Catalyst, so the two applications are now very similar, see the link below.

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Analysis of news in new Apple OS: News in macOS 11


Pavel Jelič June 30, 2020 1

Pin conversations

One of the best news Apple has added to iOS 14 is the ability to pin conversations. Each of us has a few contacts that we write with every day. However, if they write you several unknown contacts in one day, then these favorite contacts in conversations fall below and below, and then you have to look for them classically. However, within iOS 14, this is the end. You can easily pin your favorite conversations by constantly appearing at the top of the app – and it doesn't matter if you get another hundred messages in one day. These pinned conversations may then preview the last message. Pinned conversations are then larger than the classic ones and contain a photo of the contact along with his name. So if you pin several conversations and have photos set up for them, it will be even easier to search. To pin a conversation, swipe from left to right, then tap the pin with the yellow background. You can then unpin the conversation by holding your finger on it and selecting Pin.

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News for group conversations

Apple's native News app has also included group conversations for a long time. Unfortunately, these are quite confusing in iOS 13 and older, as they lack many of the features that group chat makes. In this case, you can mention the tagging of an individual, the response to specific messages, or the option to set the identity of the photo conversation. If you face the same shortcomings and use a competitive application because of that, then believe me, with the advent of iOS 14, everything will change. This new operating system will include options for tagging an individual in a conversation, as in Messenger, for example, and there is also the option to set a profile photo of the group.

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Direct replies to messages

In the last paragraph, I bit into a function called direct answer. Even in this case, Apple is lagging behind, because Messenger, for example, came up with direct replies to messages a long time ago. Direct answers are available in both classic and group conversations, which is definitely useful. You can use them if the other party starts talking about several topics in two (or more) messages and you want to keep the conversation tidy. To reply directly to one of the messages, all you have to do is hold your finger on it and then select the Reply option. The entire screen is then blurred, leaving only the original message, to which you can write a reply directly and send it to the other party.

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New Memoji and stickers

With the advent of the iPhone X, we've seen Face ID technology, which works on the basis of a sophisticated front-end camera called TrueDepth. However, in addition to Face ID, TrueDepth front cameras can also be used to create Animoji, along with Memoji. It is a kind of "enhanced emoji" that can translate your face and emotions into the faces of animals or your own "characters" in real time. As for Memoji, each of us can create our own "character" to resemble you as much as possible. There are countless different combinations for the shape of the head, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, beard and many other components that you can apply as you please. As part of iOS 14, we've seen the addition of over 20 different hair styles and headgear, which is definitely great news for Memoji lovers.

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