Analysis of news in new Apple OS: Widgets in iPadOS 14

New in the iPadOS 14 operating system are, as in the iOS widgets. This is a thumbnail view of various applications, tools, and utilities – in widgets you can get an instant overview of the battery status on your Apple device and connected devices, the weather, your calendar events, or quickly go to notes. But Apple's native apps and tools don't end with a range of widgets – Apple has also developed an API called WidgetKit for third-party application developers, so we can look forward to a much richer offering and more options when the full version of iPadOS 14 and iOS 14 is released In this way.

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Jiří Filip

June 23, 2020


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Widgets in iPadOS 14 are used for clearer and easier display of data from individual (so far mainly native) applications. Users can customize their size and layout, they are available (depending on the OS settings) for now for applications and tools Weather, Clock, Calendar, Notes, Maps, Activity, Photos, Reminders, Actions, Music, Podcasts, Tips, Batteries, Screen time, Files, Siri suggestions, Shortcuts and application suggestions. Unlike the iOS 14 operating system, it is not possible to place widgets on the desktop in iPadOS 14 – they are only available for the Today report. Widget management can be started by long pressing the Today panel, when it is then possible to add more widgets by clicking on the “+” button in the upper left corner. In addition to widgets for individual applications, you can also add a so-called Smart Set to the Today view – this is a set of widgets that users can manually scroll through. Widgets in smart sets are set to always display the most relevant information possible during the day, with one set holding up to ten widgets. In the morning, you can see weather information in the smart set, during the day, for example, photos or calendar events, and in the evening, for example, the Time on Screen overview, if you have it activated on your iPad. Individual widgets can be moved and edited by long pressing them. As we mentioned in the introduction, widgets can only be added to the Today panel on iPadOS 14, not to the desktop. The corresponding panel is automatically displayed when the iPad display is oriented horizontally (the display can be activated in Settings -> Desktop and Dock -> Today's desktop display). In the case of a vertical view, the Today panel can be activated by dragging the left side of the display towards the center.

The advantage of widgets in iPadOS 14 is absolutely clear – quick access to information and individual applications, and the ability to fully control what is displayed on the panel. Many who have already had the opportunity to try out the iPadOS 14 operating system complain about the impractical possibility of adding widgets anywhere on the desktop. Unfortunately, it is not yet clear whether Apple plans to make any changes in this direction after the arrival of the full version of the iPadOS.

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