ANC Soundcore Life P3 in-ear headphones tested

Conclusion on the Soundcore Life P3 in-ear headphones in the test

The wireless Soundcore Life P3 Earbuds are the successor to the very popular Soundcore Life P2. Those are particularly impressive because of their very good price-performance ratio and the similarity to the Apple AirPods in-ear headphones. This is also the case with the Life P3. In the test, they also impressed with their good sound and we also rate the fit in the ear as pleasant. A big advantage over its predecessor is active noise suppression, which is becoming more and more standard in mid-range in-ear headphones.

We recommend buying the Soundcore Life P3 in-ear headphones if the now integrated active noise cancellation is worth the higher price for users. Tip: Anyone who pre-orders receives the ANC In-Ears for 59.99 euros instead of 79.99 euros, saving a full 20 euros and getting a 25 percent discount. For comparison: the previous model Soundcore Life P2 currently costs around 40 euros. (As of: 06/2021)

We rate it as a shame that a step backwards has been made in terms of water protection. If the Soundcore Life P2 were still waterproof according to IPX7, the Life P3 are only protected against splash water (IPX5). Only AAC and SBC are supported as audio codecs. The aptX sound format, which is popular among sound fans, is unfortunately no longer on board with the successor, which affects users of Android smartphones in particular.

Benefits of the Soundcore Life P3 Earbuds

Disadvantages of the Soundcore Life P2 Earbuds

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) Transparency modeTouch operation “Find your Earbuds” modeApp controlStrong soundCabled and wireless chargingSuperior battery lifeVery good quick chargeNot waterproofNo aptX

Soundcore Life P3 – design and features

The Soundcore Life P2 and the Soundcore Life P3 look very similar. In terms of design, the similarity to the AirPods in-ear headphones is still clear. Instead of just a white color scheme, as with the American model, users can choose between five colors: light blue, coral, white, black and blue. In the Soundcore Life P3 test, we had the black version.

Five silicone attachments are included in the scope of delivery to fit the ears. In the test, we were able to put the Life P3 in our ear in just a few steps, it felt pleasant and we didn't have to worry that the in-ears, which weigh less than 5 grams, would fall out.

The earphones are controlled by touch and instead of four, six microphones are now installed. This leads to improved noise isolation during telephone calls. For example, annoying wind is better filtered out so that the call partner is not disturbed by background noise. Instead of 6 mm drivers, 11 mm drivers have now been installed, which improves the quality of the sound.

The charging case of the Soundcore Life P3 is compact and provides practical intermediate charging when you are out and about

The charging case of the Soundcore Life P3 is compact and provides practical intermediate charging when you are out and about

(David Wulf / home & smart)

The charging case belonging to the wireless Life P3 in-ear headphones is compact and even fits in your pocket. It can be opened easily and the earbuds are held in it magnetically. Three LEDs on the side indicate whether the charging case needs to be charged soon. Its charging works via a USB-C cable. Compared to its predecessor, wireless charging of the in-ear box is now also possible as an option.

The battery range is up to seven hours without intermediate charging in the charging case and without activated noise suppression, and up to six hours with ANC.

Anker Soundcore Life P3 In Ears

with activated ANC

without activated ANC

Battery life without intermediate charging

up to 6 hours

up to 7 hours

Battery life with intermediate charging in the case

up to 35 hours

up to 30 hours

With intermediate charging without ANC, the runtime is extended up to 35 hours, with ANC up to 30 hours. We rate this as a good value. Inexpensive in-ears have to be put back in the charging case after just three hours. When it comes to battery, the Samsung Galaxy Buds + in-ear headphones with a battery life of up to 11 hours without intermediate charging are the top riders.

When things have to go fast, Soundcore benefits from Anker's expertise when it comes to batteries, because ten minutes of fast charging ensure a full two hours of playback time thanks to Anker Fast Charging technology. With the predecessor, only one hour is possible in this case.

Anker Soundcore Life P3 in the test – special features and functions

The biggest difference between Soundcore Life P2 and Soundcore Life P3 is the now integrated active noise suppression. This means that outside noises are analyzed and neutralized. This is particularly useful when you are traveling by train and can concentrate better thanks to this function. In our Soundcore Life P3 test, this worked particularly well with deep, monotonous and noisy noises.

Here and there, however, we would have liked an even better reduction in ambient noise. The ANC was barely noticeable, especially when there were a lot of different noises. We rate the customizable modes as practical, for example for indoor or outdoor. However, a big difference between the modes was not noticeable on the first impressions. However, we rate this as a minor weak point in terms of the quality of the ANC (active noise canceling). It can be a great extra when you're out and about, for example when the engine noise fades into the background while commuting by train. With active noise cancellation, however, users should be aware that ambient noise can usually never be completely eliminated.

In the Anker Soundcore Life P3 test, we were particularly impressed by the transparency mode. Outside noises and, if desired, especially sams, are amplified here. This means that you do not have to take the Anker Soundcore Life P3 Earbuds out of your ear while listening to music, for example to clearly understand the train announcement on the platform or to have a short conversation with the baker while paying. In this mode, the ambient noise is simply passed on to the in-ear speakers via the integrated microphones.

Thanks to various attachments, the Soundcore Life P3 earbuds can be individually adapted to each ear

Thanks to various attachments, the Soundcore Life P3 earbuds can be individually adapted to each ear

(David Wulf / home & smart)

However, we rate the weak point that the Soundcore Life P3 in-ear headphones only support AAC and SBC. SBC can be seen as the minimum standard for Bluetooth devices. The prerequisite for enjoying the AAC audio codec is that the smartphone also supports the audio codec as a source device. This is the case with iPhones. In contrast, Life P2 also support the aptX audio codec, which is popular among hi-fi fans. Especially for users of an Android smartphone with aptX, the absence of the Soundcore Life P3 is a step backwards.

Another disadvantage compared to its predecessor is the water protection. Soundcore Life P2 are protected against brief immersion, Life P3 only against splashing water. So you shouldn't wear Life P3 while showering. Even athletes who sweat profusely during a workout should be careful here to avoid damaging their headphones.

App compatibility: While Life P2 are not app compatible, Life P3 can be controlled with the Soundcore App (Android | iOS). These can be used to set different modes. In addition to the noise canceling levels, a gaming mode is also available, for example. Then sound effects will be highlighted during the favorite game on the smartphone. Noise is played during sleep mode, which calms you down and can help you fall asleep. "Find Your Earbuds" mode: The small Soundcore Life P3 in-ear headphones have their advantages, as they do not take up much space and can be quickly stowed in the charging case. However, they can also simply be lost. We therefore rate the “Find Your Earbuds” mode as a practical new function. If the in-ears are still in Bluetooth proximity, a tone is emitted. Users can therefore easily find them again. Sound: In addition to the design and the battery life, the sound is an important criterion. In our test, the sound of the mids and highs was clear. The bass was a bit weaker, but didn't overdrive. Thanks to the BassUp technology, we were also able to make good improvements here.

What are the Soundcore Life P3 in-ear headphones compatible with?

At the start there is compatibility with Siri. However, the manufacturer has also announced the possible connection to other voice assistants in the future. We therefore suspect that Alexa and Google Assistant will soon follow suit. (As of: 06/2021)

Have you already tested the Soundcore Life P3 in ear headphones?

So far there have been no further tests or evaluations for the Soundcore Life P3 In-Ears. This is because they can only be pre-ordered and will be officially available from the beginning of July. If further tests and evaluations appear, we will add them here. (As of: 06/2021)

Prices and availability of the Soundcore Life P3 in-ear headphones

For the Life P3 ANC-In-Ears, Soundcore has announced an RRP of 79.99 euros. The official market launch was announced for July 6th (status: 06/2021). However, it is currently possible to pre-order the Anker Soundcore Earbuds via the manufacturer's website. For an advance payment of just one euro, users will receive a digital discount code by email at the start of the publication, which interested parties can redeem at Amazon in order to receive the Soundcore Life P3 25 percent cheaper. (As of: 06/2021)

RRP Soundcore Life P3: 79.99 euros Soundcore Life P3 with early bird discount: 59 euros Savings: 19.99 euros / 25 percent

Soundocre Life P2 as an alternative to Soundcore Life P3

As the predecessor model, the Soundcore Life P2 are the right choice for users who can do without active noise suppression. They have the edge in terms of water protection: where the P3 model only offers protection against splash water, the predecessor scores with an IPX7 certification and is therefore even protected against brief immersion in water. Ideal for athletes.

As a further plus point, we also rate the low price of around 40 euros, which is only about half the purchase price of the current model. As an extra, the Soundcore Life P2 even offer aptX, an audio codec that ensures high-quality data transmission. Unfortunately, Soundcore did not integrate the codec in the successor. The predecessor of the Soundcore Life P3 headphones is therefore still a good purchase decision.

Wireless earbuds with great sound, long battery life, 4 microphones and cVC 8.0 technology for isolated background noise.

Wireless earbuds with great sound, long battery life, 4 microphones and cVC 8.0 technology for isolated background noise.

What are the differences between the Soundcore Life P2 and Life P3?

We have compared the differences between the Life P3 and the popular predecessor model Life P2 in the table:

Soundcore Life P2

Soundcore Life P3

Sound equipment

6 mm Graphene audio driver

11 mm composite audio driver

Active noise cancellation




4 microphones

6 microphones




Audio codec

AAC, SBC, aptX


Battery life without intermediate charging

Up to 7 hours

Up to 7 hours without ANC, up to 6 hours with ANC

Battery life with intermediate charging in the case

Up to 40 hours

Up to 35 hours without ANC, up to 30 hours with ANC

Protection class

IPX7, waterproof, protected against brief immersion

IPX5, protection against splash water

Charging option

Charging case, laser case via USB-C

Charging case, charging case via USB-C or wireless

Fast charging function

yes, 10 minutes for one hour of playback time

Yes, 10 minutes for two hours of playback time


haptic buttons

Touch operation

App compatible



Color selection

three different colors

five different colors


InexpensiveBass-up technologyIPX7 certified, protected against brief immersionAdjustable active noise suppression via appTransparency mode "Find Your Earbuds" mode

Price (as of: 06/2021)

39.99 euros

79.99 euros

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