Android 10 update now available on the Dutch Samsung Galaxy A80

Today Samsung starts the Android 10 update for the Galaxy A80 in the Netherlands. This is the momentum back in the rollout of the new version of the Android OS and version 2.0 of Samsung's own One UI interface.

samsung galaxy a80 android 10 update in the netherlands

Galaxy A80 update to Android 10 in the Netherlands

In December and January, Samsung already brought the Android 10 update to the top models in the Galaxy S and Note series. After that, the Android 10 front became silent for some time. Until recently. After the update arrived on the Galaxy A40 last week, and earlier this week on the Galaxy A70, it is now also available on the Galaxy A80. The device would originally receive the update in March, but after a recent change in Samsung's update schedule, it seemed to come in May. But now it is already there.

The Galaxy A80 will therefore have Android 10, the One UI 2.0 interface, including a number of new or improved features. In addition, the A80 finally gets a new security patch with the update, even if it is that of February – and not really the latest.

This is the changelist in summary, concise form:

Dark Mode – Graphics, Text and Color enhancements for the day and night. Animation enhancements – Animations enhanced with a playful touch.

Full screen gestures – New navigation gestures added.

Sophisticated interactions – Navigate more comfortably on large screens with minimal finger movements.

One-handed operation– New ways to access one-handed operation: double tap the Home button or swipe down the bottom center of the screen.

Accessibility – High-contrast keyboards and dark text layouts have been improved. – Listen to live speech and display it as text.

Media and Devices– The SmartThings window has been replaced with Media & Devices. – Media: Control music and videos that play on your phone and other devices. – Devices: Control and control your SmartThings devices directly from the Quick panel.

Biometrics– Added options for displaying the fingerprint icon when the screen is off. You can choose to show it when you tap the screen or keep it visible when Always On Display is turned on.

Device Maintenance – The battery usage graph now provides more detailed information.

Digital Wellbeing – Keep an eye on your kids' activities with new Parental Control options.

Camera– Added a feature to edit the modes that appear at the bottom of the screen. – Added a More tab so you can quickly access hidden modes from the preview screen. – Improved layout so you can focus on taking photos without disturbing settings.

Samsung Contacts– The Recycle Bin function has been added for Contacts. Contacts that you delete remain in the Trash for 15 days before they are permanently deleted.

Calendar– Stickers can be added to a date without creating an event. – Ring tones can be used for event notifications.

My Files – A Recycle Bin function has been added so you can recover files that have been accidentally deleted. – More filters have been added that you can use when searching to quickly find things. – You can now have multiple files and folders at the same time copy and move to different destinations.

Calculator– Added speed and units of time for unit conversion.

Connected car – Android Auto is now pre-loaded.

Tips– Added tips to help you get the most from your Galaxy.

Strangely enough, the official changelist also states that Device Manager has a "battery limit setting and other enhancements… for Wireless PowerShare". That is of course incorrect. The Galaxy A80 cannot be charged wirelessly, let alone that you can charge other devices wirelessly with the device.

Like after every major Android update, it is also possible to update all apps on your Galaxy A80 to the latest version – in the Play Store, or possibly via Galaxy Apps. In any case, this prevents a few basic problems that can arise if older versions of an app no ​​longer work well with the newer version of the Android OS.


The Android 10 update is now available on the Dutch, unbranded Galaxy A80. The update is not yet ready for Belgian models, as well as for branded devices that were purchased directly from Vodafone. The notification that the update is ready for download will appear automatically – or you can check the availability manually via Settings -> Software update -> Download and install.

Do you have Android 10 installed on your Galaxy A80? Everything went well, or are you still running into bugs? Share your experience with the update below.

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