Android / Data, the easy way to access files with Android 11

Android / Data, the easy way to access files - Xiaomi News

MIUIes colleagues bring us a self-developed and open source app to help the community to access the files found in the Android / Data folder in Android 11 in a simple way.

Android 11 brought with it several changes in the system and one of these changes was that there is greater complexity when it comes to accessing the Android / Data folders, all of this thought to ensure the security of our files stored on the smartphone.

Until now we could enter Android / Data from the file manager, but now things get complicated and therefore the MIUIs colleagues bring us an app that is a direct link to being able to enter the file manager to access the files Android / Data in a simple way.

This app is useful because many applications, including emulators, require users to place files inside the "Android / Data" folder in order for them to run. Having access to Android / Data is also useful for backup / restore. It is significantly more complicated to do it with Android 11, but with this app you can do it easily, without being root or having to install complex files.

You can download this shortcut in the form of an app from this link to the MIUIes resource channel.

An excellent contribution from the community of users who manage MIUIes. 👌

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