Another game addition to the Apple Arcade boasts a new trailer

The Apple Company encountered a gold mine with its Apple Arcade service, and the platform immediately became popular with both gamers and regular users, who have accessed over 100 unique titles in this way. Not surprisingly, Apple supplies its service with top-quality games that can easily compete with console or computer feats and for a few hours definitely entertain. In addition, Apple Arcade costs just 139 crowns per month, so there's no way to think about it. And if you have been hesitant so far, you may be convinced by the latest addition, called Towaga: Among Shadows, and is shown in full-featured trailer.

The Apple Arcade platform has attracted millions of players around the world, offering everyone a simple way to play quality titles for a fraction of the price and a single subscription. Not surprisingly, many fans liked the service. In addition, Apple Company is gradually adding to the current offer of other games, which will now include a peculiar act from the studio Noodlecake. The game is called Towaga: Among Shadows and takes us into a brutal and dark world, where we deal with demons. There are fine visuals, action and frenetic gameplay, an unconventional story and over 70 levels, each of which is unique and varied in its own way. And if you are bored, you can try up to 4 game modes, including Campaign, Survival Mode, Flying Mode and Dark Void Realm.


Towaga Among Shadows 3

Towaga Among Shadows 2

Towaga Among Shadows 3

Towaga Among Shadows 5 +3 Photos

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Towaga Among the Shadows
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The game has been added quietly and unobtrusively to the current Apple Arcade offering, so it makes sense that Apple is trying to highlight this remarkable title with the help of a new trailer. So if you are attracted by uncompromising gameplay, lots of possibilities and hordes of enemies, we definitely recommend giving Towaga: Among Shadows a chance. This is an unconventional game that will certainly entertain you for a few long December evenings. It remains to be expected what the apple company will come up with next time, but so far it is pouring one stone after another from the sleeve and this pleasant trend does not seem to change.

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