Another hard blow for Apple News: The famous The New York Times is leaving the service

Apple News lost one of its top publishers this week. The New York Times with all its publications will completely disappear from the offer of this service. According to the paper's management, the two biggest factors that influenced this step are insufficient direct interaction with readers and insufficient control over business. The news of this crucial decision appeared directly in the New York Times earlier this week.

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Pavel Vařenka

6. 2. 2020


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The New York Times is one of the first swallows to leave the Apple News media platform. Recruiting new subscribers has recently become a key element for the newspaper, but the Apple News platform, according to the Times management, does not meet these expectations and the publisher has decided to redirect users to its own website and mobile application. The director of The New York Times, Meredith Kopit Levien, said in connection with the departure from Apple News, that it is important for the editorial office to have direct contact with readers, as well as the possibility of maximum control over how the paper presents its news. "Our relationship with Apple News does not meet these parameters," she said. According to an Apple spokesman, The New York Times provided Apple News with only a few articles a day. "We are committed to promoting quality journalism through a proven model of advertising, subscription and commerce," he added. New York Times officials point out that Apple News has about 125 million subscribers, but the monetization of ads is very weak and Apple charges an additional 30% of each subscription made through the application. However, The New York Times remains part of the  News + service, and collaboration with Apple also continues in the field of applications and podcasts.

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