Apple Developers: You've already learned with the test Macs mini with Apple Silicon chips, now give them back to us

The developers, who were part of a program called Universal App Quick Start, have until the end of March to return to Apple the specially modified Macs mini that they had available under the program.

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Pavel Jelič 8. 3. 2019 25

In a recent email, Apple called on developers to return the borrowed DTK (Developer Transition Kit) Macy mini back to Cupertino by the end of March. In that email, the company thanked the participating developers for their participation in the App Quick Start Program, as well as for their commitment to creating other great Mac applications.

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The developers leased a specially modified Mac mini with an A12Z Bionic chip from Apple, which was used to develop and update applications for the Apple Silicon platform. Each of the participating developers had to pay Apple $ 500 to borrow the DTK Mac mini, and Apple originally offered only $ 200 back when the computer was returned. However, after numerous complaints from developers, the company decided to reconsider its decision in the end, and the developers will now receive a full amount back, but in the form of credit, when the computer is returned. This credit can be used to purchase products on the Apple Online Store. Developers will have time to use the coupon until the end of December this year, the coupon cannot be used to purchase an Apple gift card or to activate the AppleCare + service program. Developers who do not return the loaned Macs to Apple within the specified time will, of course, not receive the credit, and may also be excluded from the developer program.

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